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The process and application of PVA water transfer printing

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03
Water transfer printing is also called surface water only, it is used for irregular objects on the surface of the three-dimensional curved surface processing & ndash; — The whole printing. Use pure natural patterns, such as mahogany, marble, emeralds, leopard skin, markings, etc. Objects after dealing with the vivid color, < br / > image is clear. Real ones. Completely change the surface texture, processed products to rise sharply. < br / > < br / > water transfer printing technology called comparative environmental protection technology, and is one of the most emerging and efficient production printing, probably related to him from the ink in the process of printing. Water not only technology is the key to water capacitive carrier PVA film. < br / > < br / > there are imitation wood grain, marble, jade, leopard grain, plaid, decorative pattern, camouflage pattern thousands of many kinds of designs for customers to choose. Can also be customers to design, plate making, printing all kinds of the specified pattern. < br / > < br / > water transfer printing using water pressure and activator carrier make water transfer printing membrane detachment layer dissolved transfer, basic process is: < br / > a) Film printing: in polymer film on all sorts of different design; < br / > < br / > the extension of the original film: let the membrane on the surface of the flat, and to stretch film formation; < br / > < br / > spray primer: many of the material must be coated with a layer of adhesion agent, such as metal, ceramic and so on, if you want to transfer different pattern, you must use a different color, such as basic use wood grain brown, brown, khaki, basic use white stone, etc. < br / > 4) Activation: the special solvent ( Activator) The pattern of activation into ink printing film state; < br / > < br / > 5) Transfer: using water pressure after activation patterns printed on the printed content; < br / > < br / > wash: will be printed work pieces of residual impurities rinse with water; < br / > < br / > 7) Drying, drying: will be printed workpiece temperature depends on material element and melting point; < br / > < br / > 8) Spray paint, spray transparent paint protection was printed on the surface; < br / > < br / > 9) Drying: will finish spray paint surface and dry. < br / > < br / > there are two kinds of water transfer printing technology, is a kind of water transfer printing technology, the other is only the water transfer printing technology, the main text, pictorial ICONS and design of transfer printing, the latter tend to complete transfer printing in the entire product surface. < br / > lie a easily dissolved in water transfer printing technology using water-based film to carry graphic. Because the water only the film tension, easily entangled in product surface formed by layers, like spray paint surface get cut but different appearance. < br / > can only transfer printing technology will color lines lie on any shape of the workpiece, for producers to solve the problem of three-dimensional printing products. Surface not only can the product surface with different grain, such as leather grain, wood, jade, marble, etc. , < br / > at the same time also can avoid color panel printing commonly in phantom. And in the printing process, due to the product surface does not need to contact with the printing film, can avoid damage to the product surface and its integrity. < br / > < br / > application: products: instrument panel, control panel, tissue boxes, tea cup, disk rack, kinds of frames, operating handles, locks, etc. ; Electronic products: phones, pagers, video, sound, mouse, clock and watch bedroom supplies such as: sofa, tea table, < br / > cabinets, droplight, ashtray, vase, decoration with container, etc. ; Daily products: luggage handle of decoration, tableware, spectacles, pen, pen barrels, desk calendar, art frame, the racket, jewelry, cosmetic brush, cosmetic box, etc. ; Indoor building materials: doors and Windows, floor, < br / > sticking wallboard, etc. < br type = ' _moz ' / >
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