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The properties of PVA and its application research


Polyvinyl Alcohol Polyvinyl Alcohol or P. V Is a kind of excellent unique strong adhesion and film flexibility, sliding resistance, oil resistance, solvent resistance, protective colloid, gas block, wear resistance, and the special treatment has the advantages of resistance to water of PVA were widely used in the industry. 

PVA is a white to light yellow granular or powder settled without anti-hiv water-soluble polymer. Water is a good solvent PVA. In the practical point of view of water is the only effective solvent PVA has good membranous made the formation of the membrane has excellent solvent resistance then force grinding for strength and oxygen blocking resistance because PVA with hydrophilic group and hydrophobic group two functional genes that PVA is the nature of the interfacial activity so PVA can serve as a protection for the suspension polymerization reaction polymer emulsion. These unique properties of PVA is widely used in all walks of life. 

This study can be divided into two parts the first part is introduction of Polyvinyl Alcohol Polyvinyl Alcohol or P. V。  The properties, characteristics, polymerization, the application and use. The second part is the PVA was applied in the industry cut around some of the techniques in the LCD industry polarizing film, water transfer printing technology in printing industry, textile industry of water-soluble PVA fiber with loaded with water soluble PVA film, etc. Due to the excellent properties of PVA makes the scope of its application in textile, food, medicine, architecture, of wood industry, paper making, printing, agriculture, steel and polymer chemical industry, etc. 

The purpose of the PVA can be generalized into a textile weaving preparation of sizing engineering of warp sizing agent to arrange letter of man-hour proofed and thickening agent manufacturing vinylon fiber raw material and screen printing engineering as a functional positioning agent between the worker and the machine. 2 paper industry coating on the surface as a surface sizing agent of paper tube or cardboard then agent stamp back glue again wet then paint coating engineering cement and internal sizing of paper. 3 poly vinyl acetate PVAc or its total polymer such as EVA emulsion as protective colloid. 4 other such as transaction with the paste manufacturing, plywood wood then, construction industry, cosmetics industry, electronics industry, agriculture, material engineering, the ceramic industry, printing industry, grinding material can be found that the presence of PVA

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