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The rapid development stage of China's PET industry-technical knowledge

by:POLYVA     2021-12-28
The source of the rapid development stage of China's PET industry: direct sales by protective film manufacturers Release time: 2019-10-25 Click: 1327 China's PET industry is in a stage of rapid development. Polyester film is a new industrial material that is green, environmentally friendly and sustainable. Its application fields closely follow the development of the country, and the development and application of various special functional polyester films with high performance and multi-function need to be continuously expanded. This will not only promote the development of related industries, but also make the production mode of China's PET industry change from large-scale to large-scale production. Specialized division of labor development. Foshan Bowei Environmental Protection Material Co., Ltd. is an electronic material supplier with 20 years of experience. It can produce PET film with various functions, such as: sub-(matte) PET film, flame-retardant (fire-resistant) PET film, inkjet printing Film, anti-static PET film, anti-fog PET film, anti-UV PET film, non-shrinking PET film, PET release film, optical PET film, etc. Interested parties welcome to inquire!
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