Focus on water soluble film application 

The technical index of the water soluble film

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03

pva water soluble film is used as film forming material, and the water-soluble polysaccharide, made from water-soluble cellulose and starch or all kinds of additives.

its main features are as follows:

1. Water soluble film can be completely degradation, the end result to CO2 and H2O, non-toxic pollution-free;
2. Security users can avoid direct contact with toxic substances;
3. Heat sealing water soluble film has good heat sealing performance, suitable for resistance heat sealing and high-frequency heat sealing, heat sealing strength related to temperature, humidity, pressure, time length; < br / > 4, water-soluble soluble in cold water, water soluble speed can be design choices, according to its dissolving speed can be divided into: instant, dissolving, slowly dissolve in 3 kinds. Its dissolution rate according to temperature and membrane thickness, the higher the temperature, the faster the dissolve dissolved, and vice versa. < br / > 5, anti-static: < br / > water-soluble film and other film, has good antistatic property, in use process, will not cause by electrostatic reduced plasticity and electrostatic dust attached to the performance, < br / > 6, water and gas transmittance < br / > water-soluble film has better transmittance to H2O and NH3, but the O2, N2 and H2 and CO2 gas with good barrier property, can keep the packaged objects composition and original smell; < br / > 7, mechanics performance < br / > water-soluble film toughness, good tensile strength, tear strength among the top of the various kinds of thin film. < br / > 8, printing, < br / > water soluble film to clear is the common method of printing, good performance. < br / > < br / > 9, water content of water soluble membrane water content will change with the ambient humidity. Water soluble film are usually with a PE film packaging, and maintain its moisture content is constant, when the water soluble film from the PE film, moisture content will change as the environment humidity, the performance also will change. < br / > you just need to, we just professional, our company!

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