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The types of PET film are distinguished by function-film supplier

by:POLYVA     2021-12-01
As a release film manufacturer, polyester film is an indispensable material. What kind of film is PET film? What is the use of PET film? Let's take a look today. PET film is also called high temperature resistant (polyester) pet film. It has high stability in physical and chemical properties, high transparency, recyclability, and a wide range of applications. Specific application areas include magnetic recording, photosensitive materials, electronics, electrical insulation, industrial films, packaging and decoration, screen protection, optical mirror protection, etc. The types of pet film are distinguished by function: PET film (original film) and functional film after secondary processing of PET film, such as (PET release film, PET high-bright film, PET transfer film, PET reflective film, PET antistatic film, PET heat Sealing film, PET heat shrinkable film), etc. The advantages of pet film: (1) good transparency, light transmittance not less than 92%, and gloss; (2) air tightness and fragrance retention; (3) ③pet film has excellent mechanical properties, showing high strength, High toughness, high tensile strength and high impact strength. Suitable for secondary processing. ④pet film also has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, chemical resistance and oil resistance. Defects of pet film: (1) not resistant to strong alkali; (2) easy to carry static electricity, anti-static is an important subject of research and development ③ moderate moisture resistance, lower moisture permeability at low temperatures.
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