Focus on water soluble film application 

The types of water soluble film

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03

reference standard the following standards contain provision which, through reference in this text, constitute proisions of this standard. At time of publication, the editions indicated were valid. All standards will be revised, the use of this standard all parties should discuss the following standards shall apply the latest version of the possibilities. Anyone who doesn't note date reference documents, the latest version is applicable to this standard. Water soluble packaging film has no unified state and industry standards, various enterprises according to their own nature of the product set the indicators of quality standards. This company produces the quality standards of water soluble film also belong to this kind of situation. < br />

since there is no national standard and industry standard, enterprise in product quality standard, the technical indicators of the proposed test, related resources of plastic film products basically similar standard to test, if there is no relevant technical indexes of water soluble packaging film set standards for reference, the indicators of inspection method is put forward by the enterprise technology research department itself.

customer encountered in pva water soluble film to choose how to identify the stand or fall of water soluble film products, small make up take you to a type of water soluble film, water soluble film Suggestions from the following several aspects to consider.
  1) Water soluble: cold water soluble film requirements can dissolve in water above 70 ℃. The faster the better. Pva water soluble laundry bags remaining residue after dissolving, the less the better. The water quality of the almost syllabic better after dissolving.
  2) Appearance: winding as smooth as possible. The outer surface of the winding cannot have obvious concave and convex and wrinkles roll film two end as smooth as possible, plus or minus 2 mm or less. Membrane surface can not have defects such as bubbles, perforation, slag inclusion, black spots.
  3) Flushing type pet waste bags: mechanical strength tensile strength requirements in more than 25 mpa. Too easily pulled apart or cause drag mark. Elongation at break requirements in more than 180%. Less than is not soft. Pva pva masterbatch rectangular tear resistance requirement at about 80 kn/m. Otherwise when fracture is very brittle and water-soluble film is a kind of water-soluble polymer film, the water-soluble polymer film is to use biodegradable water soluble polymer materials as film-forming substrate, additional plasticizer, softening agent, surfactant, dispersant and other auxiliary material, through specific film-forming process.
  4) Pva fishing the litter bags the membrane has good flexibility and isolation of various substances, the water dissolved rapidly, can according to the actual need to be made into all kinds of size and shape of bags, the use of the water soluble polymer film as pesticides, fertilizers, paints, dyes, detergents, water treatment agent, medicine, food, mineral additives, detergent, concrete additive, photography with chemical reagents and chemical reagents of gardening nursing. This standard specifies the principle of reference standards or standards of water soluble packaging film, product model classification, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rule, mark, packing, transportation and storage. < br />

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