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The use of PET film-technical knowledge

by:POLYVA     2022-01-02
The source of the use of PET film: protective film factory direct sales Release time: 2019-03-06 Click: 2597 The packaging industry has increasingly higher requirements for plastic packaging materials. For polyester film, in order to meet the high barrier, high brightness, and durability Different requirements such as high temperature, hydrolysis resistance, UV resistance, heat-sealable, flame retardant, high shrinkage, etc., should be mainly based on the modification of polyester raw materials: (1) Use PET+PEN blend or PET/PEN co-extrusion composite to produce BOPET film with high barrier, high temperature resistance and UV resistance; (2) PET/PETG co-extrusion compound is used to produce heat-sealable BOPET film; (3) PET+PETG or PETG alone is used and the corresponding drawing process can be used. Production of high-shrinkage film; (4) High-brightness film can be produced by using PET+ amorphous polyester or special additive masterbatch; (5) High-barrier PET film can be made by coating high-barrier resin on the surface of PET film; (6) ) The surface of the PET film is coated with a transparent coating containing ultraviolet coating (uV) absorbers (such as epoxy acrylic polymer, polyurethane acrylate, polyester acrylate), which can form the UV protection layer of the polyester film (7) The PET film is coated with a certain polymer on the surface to obtain a high surface tension PET film; (8) The PET film is coated with a certain solution on the surface to obtain an antistatic PET film; (9) Nano Compound modified PET can be made into PET film with higher barrier properties and heat resistance; (10) PET resin containing special functional masterbatch can be made with different functions (flame retardant, matte, pearl, Antistatic, etc.) PET film.
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