Focus on water soluble film application 

The use of pva water soluble film flow research molding machine

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03

water-soluble plastic film ( Hereinafter referred to as the water soluble film) It is a kind of novel green packaging material. Pva water soluble film it is the main raw material of pva and starch, soluble in water, degradation into non-toxic pollution-free the final product of CO2 and H2O. Its application is more extensive, in industry, agriculture, and is widely used in People's Daily life, and along with the people environmental protection consciousness, the demand for water soluble film will also continue to grow. 400 type water soluble film flow were introduced in this paper research the molding system, the design method of the main working principle of the system is: first the raw material made from water-soluble adhesive solution under certain condition, then glue flow research to mirror stainless steel belt ( Hereinafter referred to as the steel belt) With scraper scraping gum liquid evenly, adhesive solution scraping layer with steel belt rotation into the baking, drying, the final strip into the finished film. Bake, the heat source to decorate on the system to the top of the heat supply box and bake, the built-in infrared electric heat pipe, the temperature of pva water soluble film which can be controlled. Scraper fixed at the top of the steel belt, it can move up and down within a certain scope, through control it with steel band gap, to achieve the goal of control water soluble film thickness. Steel strip was welded into a ring, installed on a pair of big drum, located in the production line the backend to active roller, the front roller main direction changing role and redirection roller, pva water soluble film just belt drive is very similar to the belt drive, but this system of steel strip is not only the carrier of water soluble film into a film, and dynamic rotating device, the link of the design is very important.

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