Focus on water soluble film application 

The water soluble film formulation ingredients

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03

    Water soluble film products are green environmental protection packaging materials, in Europe and the United States, Japan and other countries are recognized by the state environmental protection department. In terms of degradation mechanism, the polyvinyl alcohol with water and biological degradation properties, gel first dissolve in water to form liquid infiltration in the soil, increase soil mass of viscosity, permeability and water retention, especially suitable for sandy soil reconstruction. In the soil of PVA can be separated in the soil bacteria strain of decomposition, biodegradable to CO2 and H2O.    

as for an understanding of the water soluble film, also know a lot of knowledge, a few days ago, see formula of water soluble film is interested in the news, the small make up today about what the water soluble film formula.
      Water soluble film membrane as the name suggests can dissolve in water.

    The main raw material of water soluble film is pva and starch, all components ( Including adding additives) For C, H, O compounds, and non-toxic. The membrane process occurs only between each constituent physical dissolve, improve its physical properties, mechanical properties, process performance and soluble performance, but not in chemical reactions, water soluble film does not change its chemical properties. Its main ingredient is the C, H, O.   Is a kind of processing by the special craft processing, by natural factors ( H2O) Rapid degradation of new environmental protection packing material, it can be through the natural factors ( H2O) Role, degeneration, decompose rapidly, degradation compounds for lower part, and has the function to improve the soil. So it belongs to is a new kind of environmental protection packaging materials.


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