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Three main features of PET motor film-film supplier

by:POLYVA     2021-12-07
The rapid development of science and technology has also given rise to many emerging industries. For example, the electronic industry, which has been very hot in recent years, has continuously increased the number of electronic products, and the manufacture of electronic products also requires PET motor films. Now there are many types of such films and their development directions are very broad. It has a wide range of uses and has been widely used in various industries. It has three main functions. First, PET motor film is used in plastic products and electronic products. Due to the many types of electronic products, the electronic industry also has high requirements for protective films. Many electronic products require heat insulation films and light-transmitting films. Due to their stability High, and not easy to be chemically corroded, so polyester film can achieve good results, so it is favored by the electronics industry. It is expected that more electronic products will add this kind of film. Second, the PET motor film is used as a protective film for the card. Many cards need to be protected, and it is easy to break and be easily deformed by heat. In addition, the PET motor film can prevent oil and pollution, and its uniformity is very good. The tensile strength is also high, the stability after heating is also high, the comprehensive value and performance are excellent, and the packaging is more beautiful, the surface is flat, and many documents choose to use it as a protective film. Third, PET motor film is used as an insulating film for some electricians. Electrical supplies need good insulation. Otherwise, if there is a high voltage, it will cause great danger to people, so the PET motor film is added. The resulting insulating film has good effects and high use value, and can effectively resist breakdown. It is expected that this kind of film will have a good development prospect. Because of its good performance, more industries will choose it in the future, and it will have more new uses and bring more convenience to our lives. PET motor film specifications: thickness: 125UM ~ 350UM and other specifications can be produced according to customer requirements. PET motor film application: motor film is mainly used for the insulation of motors and generators, and can also be used for the insulation of wires and cables. 1, excellent machinery Performance; good electrical insulation performance. 2. Good heat resistance; has a certain matting effect. 3. Has excellent workability.
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