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Change is the continuous development footsteps of the world(Transformation moves the world forward). With the coming era of individual rise, POLYVA have the courage to face the blowout changes of personalized demands.From the very beginning of POLYVA's establishment, it has been clear that disruptive thinking will lead to the greatest innovation.

Hello, Welcome to POLYVA, a pioneer in the PVA water-soluble packaging technologies. We are working closely with a variety of household detergent companies in China and oversea. POLYVA has developed a series of rotary drum ffs machines to manufacture single and multiple chambers unit dose water-soluble capsules, delivering any combination of liquid, granule, powders, and gels.

Polyva laundry pods packing machine equipped with intelligent options and can perform precise packaging works across various fields.Our automatic laundry pods packing machine is a mold type unit dose nonaqueous liquid pods forming, filling, sealing, and cutting equipment. It is an automatic high efficient water-sealing packing machine specially designed for high concentrated laundry detergent pods. It has good adaptability of water-soluble PVA film and detergent liquid.

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