Focus on water soluble film application 

Water soluble film in the application of embroidery, embroidered

by:POLYVA     2021-02-04
Cold water soluble embroidered film is used as a temporary carrier in embroidery, because used as advances material with water-soluble, as long as more than ten seconds on the low temperature water bubble, advances, it dissolves, embroidery patterns can be present. Its characteristic is shown as the following: taken the unique surface design and brittle Zhang Liqiang, do not make the embroidery needle, and needle, don't walk, not offset; Painted green no side effects, non-toxic, no pollution, do not contain formaldehyde, eventually degrade to CO2 and H2O; U cold water soluble film can completely meet the requirements of all kinds of embroidery technology advances, on the strength of the bottom; Taken the cold water soluble film can be applied to all kinds of high-grade underwear, fashion and special cloth. < br / > there are two kinds of practice is water soluble film, called a lace, called a vacuum to embroider. Water soluble film is divided into two kinds, one kind is cold water soluble, soak in cold water for 24 hours or so will be dissolved in water; The other one is hot water soluble, need to use above 80 degrees hot water to boil. Lace is not cloth, embroidery on the water soluble film directly, and then do the post-processing, remove water soluble film, leaving only embroidery thread. Girls often can use lace underwear. Is sometimes used in the adornment before the bosom of flowers. Vacuum is a bottom cloth embroidery, pad on the fabrics need several layers of water soluble film, depending on the actual needs. Usually around three layers. Then the embroidery, nothing to do after finishing, remove the water soluble film. Embroidery thread will be raised, and the middle is empty! Embroidery is used as a temporary carrier, can be applied to all kinds of high-grade underwear, fashion and special cloth < br / >
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