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Water-soluble film technical indicators

by:POLYVA     2021-09-16
u003cpu003eThe water-soluble film is made of polyvinyl alcohol as the film-forming material, mixed with water-soluble polysaccharides, water-soluble cellulose or starch and various additives. As a novel environmentally friendly packaging material, it is widely used in developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan. Such as: pesticides, chemicals, dyes, detergents, water treatment agents, mineral additives, detergents, concrete additives, various chemical reagents and agricultural seed bags, export clothing bags, food and hospital washing bags and other products For inner packaging. Its main characteristics are as follows:u003c/pu003eu003cbr /u003eEnvironmental protectionu003c/pu003e 1. The water-soluble film can be completely degraded, and the final products are CO2 and H2O, which are non-toxic and non-polluting;u003c/pu003e 2. Safety Avoid direct contact between users and toxic substances;u003c/pu003e3. The heat-sealable water-soluble film has good heat-seal performance and is suitable for resistance heat sealing and high-frequency heat sealing. The heat sealing strength is related to temperature, humidity, pressure, The length of time is related;u003c/pu003eHeat sealing performance and moisture content correlation table (-)u003c/pu003eMoisture content (%)u003c/pu003eu003c5u003c/pu003e5-7u003c/pu003e8-11u003c/ pu003e12-15u003c/pu003eHeat bonding temperature (0C)u003c/pu003e210u003c/pu003e200u003c/pu003e180u003c/pu003e165u003c/pu003e4, water-soluble cold water soluble, water solubility speed can be designed The choice is divided into three types according to its dissolution speed: fast dissolving, medium dissolving and slow dissolving. The dissolution rate depends on the water temperature and film thickness. The higher the water temperature, the faster the dissolution, and vice versa. u003c/pu003eCategoryu003c/pu003eStart to dissolveu003c/pu003eCompletely dissolveu003c/pu003eFast dissolving filmu003c/pu003eu003c10 secondsu003c/pu003eu003c2 minutesu003c/pu003eMedium dissolving filmu003c/pu003eu003c 5 pointsu003c/pu003eu003c40 pointsu003c/pu003eSlow-dissolving filmu003c/pu003eInsoluble below 40℃u003c/pu003eCompletely dissolving above 80℃u003c/pu003e 5. Antistatic property: u003cbr /u003eWater-soluble film Different from other films, it has good anti-static properties. During use, it will not cause plasticity reduction and electrostatic dusting performance due to static electricity; comparison table of electrostatic parameters with other films (3)u003c/pu003eProjectu003c/pu003e Water-soluble filmu003c/pu003ePVC filmu003c/pu003ePE filmu003c/pu003ePET filmu003c/pu003eElectrostatic (V)u003c/pu003e1.2u003c/pu003e410u003c/pu003e50-180u003c/ pu003e1280u003c/pu003e6. Water and gas permeabilityu003cbr /u003eThe water-soluble film has a strong permeability to H2O and NH3, but has good barrier properties to O2, N2, H2, CO2 and other gases. It can maintain the composition and original smell of the packaged object; u003cbr /u003e7. Mechanical propertiesu003cbr /u003eWater-soluble film has good toughness, high tensile strength, and tear resistance ranks first among all types of films. u003cbr /u003eMechanical performance table (four)u003c/pu003eRelative humidity (RH)u003cbr /u003ePerformance indexu003c/pu003e40%u003c/pu003e60%u003c/pu003e80%u003c/pu003eElastic modulus kg/cm2u003c/pu003e1550-2500u003c/pu003e900-1700u003c/pu003e400-1000u003c/pu003eTensile strength kg/cm2u003c/pu003e350-400u003c/pu003e300-400u003c/pu003e pu003e200-150u003c/pu003eTear breaking force kg/cm2u003c/pu003e200-300u003c/pu003e220-300u003c/pu003e50-150u003c/pu003eElongation (%)u003c/pu003e90 -150u003c/pu003e200-350u003c/pu003e220-300u003c/pu003e and PVC film strength performance comparison table (5)u003c/pu003eProjectu003c/pu003eWater-soluble filmu003c/pu003ePVC filmu003c/p u003eTensile strength (Mpa)u003c/pu003e45.32-65.21u003c/pu003e21.20-18.71u003c/pu003eCrack strength (Mpa)u003c/pu003e150.30-842.26u003c/pu003e41.33- 79.12u003c/pu003eElongation (%)u003c/pu003e150-400u003c/pu003e6-25u003c/pu003e 8. Printabilityu003cbr /u003eThe water-soluble film can be clearly printed by ordinary methods and has good performance. u003cbr /u003e9. Water contentu003cbr /u003eThe water content of water-soluble film will vary with the environmental humidity. Usually the water-soluble film is packaged with PE film to keep its water content unchanged. When the water-soluble film is taken out of the PE film, the water content will change with the environmental humidity, and the performance will also change. u003cbr /u003eUnder normal temperature, the water content and environmental humidity changes are shown in Table (6)u003c/pu003eRelative humidity (RH)u003c/pu003e40%u003c/pu003e60%u003c/pu003e80%u003c/p u003e90%u003c/pu003eWater content (%)u003c/pu003e4-5u003c/pu003e7-9u003c/pu003e10-12u003c/pu003e13-15u003c/pu003e 2. Water-soluble film specifications u003c/pu003eThe specifications of the water-soluble film that our company can provide are as follows:u003cbr /u003eFilm thickness (mm): 0.0250.0300.0350.0800.0400.0450.0500.0550.060u003cbr /u003eFilm width (cm): from 10cm wide to 100cm wide u003cbr /u003eFilm length: 500m per rollu003c/pu003eProduct name: PVA water-soluble pesticide packaging filmu003c/pu003eScope of application: packageable powder, granule, water dispersantu003c/pu003eHeat sealability: vertical Fully automatic filling machineu003c/pu003eHeat sealing temperature: 180°-220°u003c/pu003eWorking environment: indoor temperature 18-22°C, relative humidity 40-50% is the most suitable (to avoid dryness and brittleness in winter, moisture absorption in summer .)u003c/pu003eStorage conditions: storage under the condition of air humidity less than 60% (relative humidity);u003c/pu003eoxidation resistance: it can be kept in dry air for more than 3 years, and the basic properties of the film remain unchanged;u003c/pu003e pu003eOrganic solvent resistance: Most organic solvents cannot be dissolved. All animal oils, vegetable oils and petroleum hydrocarbons are insoluble, but they are soluble in glycerol, ethylene glycol, amide, triethanolamine and ethanolamine salts and dimethyl sulfoxide. u003c/pu003eu003c/pu003eAir-tight type: It can completely isolate all kinds of gases at 25°C, except for ammonia and water vapor;u003c/pu003eNote: Do not touch water, and avoid shallow saliva during speech during operation Water-soluble film. For example, when rest and suspending operation, use packaging bags such as PE to avoid prolonged contact with outside humid air. u003c/pu003e u003c/pu003eComposition and function of polyvinyl alcohol water-soluble filmu003c/pu003e Among the main components of water-soluble film, polyvinyl alcohol accounts for 75% to 78%, and the others are auxiliary additives. Such as surfactants, plasticizers, anti-sticking agents, quick-drying agents, mold release agents. u003c/pu003eThe added auxiliary additives are required to be non-toxic and harmless, and compatible with polyvinyl alcohol, and only physically dissolve with polyvinyl alcohol to improve its physical properties, mechanical properties, process properties and water solubility. But basically does not change its chemical reaction process and chemical properties. u003c/pu003eu003c/pu003e
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