Focus on water soluble film application 

Water soluble laundry bags

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03

water soluble laundry bags

this product by the company and the joint development of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the product through moderate concentration of non-ionic surfactant, negative ion surface active agent, softener, cosolvent, improve the active ingredients of the surfactant concentration, the concentration of the active ingredients of 70% or more, and combined with water soluble PVA, water soluble laundry bags made from water soluble laundry bags, can be used to store to wash clothes; Product does not contain phosphorus, benzene, bleach, pigments, fluorescent agent, the composition such as essence, no residue after washing, health and safety; Water soluble laundry bags belong to low alkaline washing products, mild decontamination, does not hurt the clothing, the design of low foam, easy to rinse, no residue, water-saving province, as well as sterilization in addition to mites, and other functions; The product function such as cleaning, nursing, soft, wash protect union, has small volume, light weight, easy to carry, etc. < br /> infant skin delicate, general cleaning residues in the clothing surface may lead to the infant's skin damage, this product does not contain phosphorus, the composition such as benzene, bleach, essence, pigment, water soluble laundry bags quality safety, particularly suitable for infants and young children, pure close-fitting clothing, etc. < br /> < br /> efficient clean water soluble laundry bag: super concentrated surfactant, less dosage, effect is good, effective scouring and clean like new < br /> low foam Yi Piao: design, low foam Yi Piao Yi Qing, no residue, water-saving environmental protection, save time and effort < br /> instant: under the influence of water is under the influence of water soluble, warm water, cold water, effectively release the clean effect < br /> health and safety: no phosphorus, no benzene, no bleach, no pigment, no harmful material such as fluorescent agent, health and safety < br />

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