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Water soluble packaging testing standards

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03

1, the appearance test

appearance test of main purpose is to identify the appearance of the sample defect, generally USES the human sensory recognition way, thus to evaluate the appearance of the product has certain subjectivity, in the process, the author suggested that we should pay attention to the following content. Evaluate the appearance of

must have certain conditions. For example, flexible packaging appearance quality of environmental conditions, evaluation method and evaluation personnel sight, touch, practical experience and technical level shall be the same as much as possible.

most is to rely on appearance quality inspectors assess the sensory test, therefore must give clear definition of appearance quality evaluation term. Should make clear a regulation, for example, use 'must' or 'no', 'should' or 'should not', 'available' or 'are not allowed to use' and 'allow' or 'should not be' terms, so as to reduce the subjective evaluation.

GB / T10004 - 2008 rules in natural light offline visual and precision is not lower than 0. Measure 5 mm measuring tool, mainly to see if the surface have crease, bubbles, scratches, perforated, adhesion, foreign bodies, layered, dirt, etc.

2, print quality test

packing printing design for the product promotion and display effect cannot be ignored. Laboratory use density meter, spectrophotometer and other test equipment, to evaluate objectively the flexible packaging printing quality, establish standard sample when necessary as physical reference of printing quality, in order to detect personnel have a clear assessment basis.

on the basis of printing quality standard, gravure products should be in accordance with the GB/T7707 - 2008 'gravure packaging print' regulation, flexo printing products should be in accordance with the GB/T17497 - 2012 'flexible packaging printing version' regulation, commodity bar code printing should be in accordance with the GB/T18348 - 2008 the goods barcode bar code print quality inspection rules, other one dimension barcode according to GB/T14258 - 2003 'information technology, automatic identification and data collection technology of bar code print quality inspection' rules for testing.

plastic film printing performance depends on the determination of the surface tension of a preliminary judgment, the surface tension value ones, shows that its printing performance is good, Generally speaking, a thin film surface tension is greater than 38 mn/m, the printing performance is enough to meet the requirement to use) 。

3, size deviation detection

the size of flexible packaging is mainly thickness, length, width. Among them, the thickness is the basic guarantee, flexible packaging various performance is an important factor of affecting its mechanical performance, blocking performance, and control product quality and cost factors to consider. In flexible packaging with many factors and complex product size deviation, both the external environment of temperature and humidity, the condition of equipment, technological process factors, also have the inside of the membrane molecules crystallization, orientation and internal stress change and other factors. Should consider when select material, therefore, homogeneity of membrane material, membrane materials and considered the influence of shrinkage of soft packaging of finished product size precision. In the printing and finishing process, should pay special attention to consider the sensitivity of the thin film materials on the environment temperature and humidity.

flexible packaging deviation according to GB/T6673 - length and width 2001 'the determination of the length and width of the plastic film and chips,' the provisions of the test, according to GB/T6672 - thickness deviation 2001 the plastic film and sheet thickness determination of mechanical measurement method 'provision for testing. Flexible packaging and sealing and heat sealing width of bag edge distance should adopt precision is not lower than 0. Measure 5 mm measuring tool.

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