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Water transfer effect of PET film-technical knowledge

by:POLYVA     2022-01-07
The source of the water transfer effect of the PET film: direct sales from the protective film factory. Release time: 2019-09-07 Click: 869 1. The film with special chemical treatment is printed with the required color pattern and then sent flat on the surface of the water. When the color pattern is uniformly transferred to the surface of the product by the action of water pressure, the coating film is automatically dissolved in water, washed and dried, and then a transparent protective layer is applied. Kind of completely different visual effects. 2. Water transfer printing can do multi-color, multi-pattern surface printing, such as wood grain, leather grain, etc. Foshan Bowei Environmental Protection Material Co., Ltd. is an electronic material supplier with 20 years of experience. It can produce PET film with various functions, such as: sub-(matte) PET film, flame-retardant (fire-resistant) PET film, inkjet printing Film, anti-static PET film, anti-fog PET film, anti-UV PET film, non-shrinking PET film, PET release film, optical PET film, etc. Interested parties welcome to inquire!
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