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'Water transfer' it will take for thermal transfer equipment

by:POLYVA     2021-02-04
Water transfer printing part it will take for thermal transfer equipment is not the question. Traditional ink baking cups, baking machine is about to become history. In this great technology revolution driven by the productivity from the complicated production relations, create low cost, low loss, high value products.
“ Water transfer printing & throughout; It will replace traditional printing: < br / > inkjet water transfer printing technology. It with the ordinary offset printing, screen printing, gravure printing mode comparison, has the following advantages: < br / > a, low production cost. < br / > the technology is fully applied inkjet printer to print directly, eliminating the offset printing, screen printing, etc. To boot, the piece, plate-making, such as complex and high cost programs, which saves a lot on the manpower and material resources. For example, make a common A4 size of water transfer printing, use of offset printing, screen printing and production costs at least thousands of yuan to hundreds of yuan, and ink-jet printing technology is only a few dollars, to make cost one hundred times worse. < br / > 2, flexible and convenient. < br / > because ink-jet printing water transfer printing technology production costs low, and don't need too much manpower, as long as a regular printer, so it is especially suitable for small number ( A can do) Photos, complex image with many varieties of transfer printing. In the process of actual operation, the flexibility of this technology is very strong, image clarity demand high again, as long as the resolution of the printer output is enough, it can achieve the result of customer requirements. The characteristics of clear and screen printing more will have more advantages. Screen printing is to rely on to solve the image color overprint, the transition of color also can only rely on the thickness, uniformity of the network to solve, and like the picture of good quality, high requirement of photos, screen printing won't be able to achieve, can the inkjet technology. < br / > < br / > inkjet & other; Water transfer printing & throughout; Cost is not as high as imagined by the common people: < br / > compared with thermal transfer, water transfer printing on the equipment and materials to save the cost of nearly half. Almost and thermal transfer ink such as using the ink on the price, such as in the third generation of the water transfer printing paper production costs is only part of the paper. Water transfer printing paper is made by high polymer material, maintain the original high resolution photo paper printing, the image is not affected by the loss of heat transfer. The price of the transfer paper and ink selection of materials, equipment investment is low compared to wear. So, whether it's heat transfer or silk screen, offset printing, etc. , expensive plate-making, tinted to the small amount of printed material and are higher than the cost of water transfer printing. < br / > < br / >
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