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Water transfer printing the basic flow

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03
Water transfer printing technology is referred to as comparing the technology of environmental protection, water transfer printing products largely nanoscale materials imported raw materials, the material itself is degradation can be recycled, belongs to the environmental protection material. And has a strong waterproof resistance to wear. Water transfer printing using water pressure and activator carrier make water transfer printing membrane detachment layer dissolved transfer, will need to transfer the steel, along its outline gradually close to the water transfer printing film, due to the effect of adhesion of the ink layer and steel inherent adhesion, wood grain film will be under the action of water pressure slowly transferred to the product surface. Water transfer printing the basic flow is: 1, membrane manufacturing or purchasing: choose wood polymer film; Average of 2, spray primer: steel coated with a layer of metal powder as adhesion agent, transfer of different grain pattern, still must use different background, 3, the extension of the original film: let the film processing groove surface flat, and will stretch film formation; 4, activation: in a special solvent ( Activator) The pattern of activation into ink printing film state; 5, transfer printing, using hydraulic pressure after activation of the wood grain pattern transfer to steel, aluminum; 6, washing: remove the workpiece from the tank, remove residual film, and then use clean water to remove no fixation in floating on the surface of the product layer; 7, drying: remove the moisture on the surface of the product, to facilitate transfer ink layer completely drying, and then directly to the product in drying box dry; 8, spray paint: in order to enhance the anticorrosion of wood grain layer on the environment, the surface spray paint processing. Generally in UV light oil, high temperature curing drying. UV curing in using light oil to cover the light case, product has excellent waterproof and observe the resistance. Used thermosetting light oil or UV light oil to cover the light product is worth the long rain wash, the sun radiation and the impact of a certain intensity, brush, and is more suitable for the environmental protection requirements.
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