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What is the structure of the explosion-proof membrane? -technical knowledge

by:POLYVA     2021-12-13
What is the structure of the explosion-proof membrane? Source: Protective film factory direct sales Release time: 2020-01-03 Click: 15701 We often see the word 'explosion-proof membraneFind out what exactly the explosion-proof membrane is made of. Explosion-proof film, also known as rupture disc or rupture disc, is a safety device. When the pressure in the container exceeds a certain limit, the film is ruptured first, which can reduce the pressure in the container and avoid explosion. Based on the strict requirements of traffic safety, the front windshield film has extremely high requirements for light transmission, and the general solar film cannot be used for the front windshield, so the term explosion-proof film sometimes refers specifically to the front windshield film. Generally speaking, the structure of the explosion-proof membrane has the following layers: 1. Anti-wear layer: composed of wear-resistant polyurethane with a hardness of up to 4H; 2. Colored PET safety base layer: high-strength, high-transparent PET polyester and pigment melt extruded It is made by biaxial stretching, because the pigment is sandwiched in the PET film, it can prevent oxidation and discoloration, and the life span is as long as 8 years; 3. Metal heat insulation layer: metal aluminum and silver are deposited on the PET film by vacuum evaporation or vacuum magnetron sputtering , Nickel and other nano-level metal layers with high reflectivity to infrared; 4. Composite adhesive: composed of polyurethane adhesive with good weather resistance and high transparency; 5. UV absorption layer: composed of special UV absorbers, which can block 99% of the Ultraviolet rays; 6. Transparent PET safety base layer: It is composed of high-strength, high-transparent PET polyester film. The purpose is to sandwich the metal layer in the middle to prevent metal oxidation and extend the life of the metal film.
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