Focus on water soluble film application 

Where is the water transfer printing are available?

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03
1. Various decals, can be printed on the cups < br /> 2. Printing ceramic decals: can be used for ceramic tableware. Ceramic < br /> 3. Water and other kinds of daily-use ceramics engraving, more can be used for the waist line, decoration, such as building ceramic tile ceramic tile, decorative ceramics production < br /> 4. Glass printed color paper. Water can be used for glass, glass bottles, advertising cup, all kinds of glass and decorative glass < br /> 5. Printed helmet color paper. Widely used in the production of motorcycle helmets, helmet surface patterns such as < br /> 6. Transfer of sporting goods. Such as making tennis rackets, fishing pole, etc on the surface of the trademark, logo < br /> 7. Metal tube decals. Such as making the patterns of the bicycle, motorcycle fittings, text, etc. < br /> 8. Produced on the surface of the toy car decals < br /> 9. Wood color paper printed < br /> 10. < br /> 11 fashionable tattoo stickers. Other difficult to directly print the decals < br /> < br /> < br />
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