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Why does PET film have too much static electricity? polyva tells you-technical knowledge

by:POLYVA     2022-01-04
Why does PET film have too much static electricity? Polyva tells you Source: Protective film factory direct sales Release time: 2019-04-30 Click: 951 One characteristic of electrostatic phenomenon is adsorption. When the surface of the PET film is rubbed, or the film roll is peeled off, or the film is running at high speed, static electricity will be generated. If there is dust, paper scraps, hair, etc. near the membrane at this time, it may be adsorbed, which will affect the quality of the product membrane (especially the capacitor membrane). When the static electricity is serious, it may also cause fires, electricians and other accidents. Known polyester The static electricity of the film is too large, which will have a bad effect on the subsequent processing and processed products. For example, the static electricity of the bonded PET film can be set at about 500v with an electrostatic tester. The measurement shows that the static electricity of the two sides of the film is also different. The film specializes in the production of PET film and antistatic film. You are welcome to choose. Reason analysis PET film is a polar electrical insulating material, which makes the charge generated by friction, shearing, etc. unable to pass away, and accumulates on its surface to form static electricity The electrostatic size of the polyvaPET film is related to the electrical properties of the resin body, the application of additives, and the film making process. Because they directly affect the structure and properties of the film surface/surface, such as the crystallinity of the surface layer, the number of polar groups and its Orientation, the size of the surface contact area of u200bu200bthe two films, and other factors that affect the formation of static electricity. Based on this, it can also explain why the static electricity on both sides of the film is different. Solution a. Find out the cause from the resin, additives, and technology and solve it in a targeted manner; b. Use static eliminator C in film making and post-processing, coat a conductive layer on the surface d, use antistatic agent/resin.
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