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Wide application of blue PET film in different industries and fields-film supplier

by:POLYVA     2022-01-23
The blue PET protective film focuses on the blue polyester film as the main substrate, so it is relatively easy to distinguish the color of the product, and it is more common in life. It is a transparent protective film product, and its normal thickness is Between 50um and 125um, there are three types of viscosity: high, medium and low. The blue pet protective film is more commonly used in product photos of various electrical appliances and electronics. Its main function is to temporarily fix it, and has the effects of anti-wear, anti-scratch and dust-proof. It also has high temperature resistance, It has the characteristics of scratch resistance and no residual glue, which is excellent in weather resistance. Because the blue pet protective film is widely used, it is also common in the plastic packaging industry. Among them, silica gel is a kind of adhesive, because it is similar in performance to plastic films and the viscosity of the protective film, so The scope of use will also be improved due to changes in the protective film. It is a company specializing in the production of PET film with multiple functions, such as: transparent PET film, milky white PET film, release PET film, supply of PET motor film, etc. With a wide range of products, affordable prices, and environmental protection, we provide customers with excellent quality and service based on the service tenet of excellence in production, honesty and trustworthiness in distribution, warm and thoughtful service, and the spirit of assisting partners to achieve their own careers. Interested parties welcome to inquire!
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