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Root down, push up | The 10th anniversary celebration of Polyva Group has come to a successful conclusion!

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Each decade has a milestone significance, and when we have not had time to sigh "the dead like a husband", the afterglow of the accumulated ten years has already rendered the new sunrise. In the past ten years, we have not only seen the accumulation and precipitation of Polyva Group's thick and thin hair, but also seen the unremitting efforts to overcome the wind and fog. Ten years has been an extraordinary journey, and it is also a profound footprint of Polyva's continuous development and innovation. On June 22, all the leaders and employees of Polyva Group gathered together to celebrate the tenth birthday of Polyva Group.

Early in the morning, when the first ray gently brushed the earth, Polyva Group employees have entered the company door, a gold and red, tall and majestic signing wall appeared in the field of vision.

Everyone picked up the signature pen and left their names on the signing wall. Everyone's name, like stars, dotted next to the LOGO of Polyva Group. On the slogan, the pen tip touched, the heart was stirring, and the names on the signature wall were a cluster of brocade, which reflected the concerted efforts of Polyva people in the past ten years and countless possible visions for the future so specific and vivid, as if telling the world, Bovi people are here, with the most sincere emotions, writing their own stories.

In the afternoon, as the sun slowly climbed to the sky, the park gradually became lively. Polyva Group for the vast number of employees prepared a variety of garden activities - not only archery, shooting, ring, beanbag throwing, "eye disease hand fast" such a single game, as well as "wheel rolling", "ball travel thousands of miles" such fun competition, laughter, so that the heat of the summer are reduced a few points. "Play games, get stamps, change prizes!!" Employees holding the "garden collection card" shuttle between the various game booths, each high-five celebration, each team collaboration, each stamp fall, gift hand, are silently for the celebration atmosphere continues to rise.

With the end of the park activities, the passionate music in the park raised the solemn and vigorous anthem in the tone change, and the award ceremony of "Loyal Guard" of Polyva Group's old employees slowly kicked off. Polyva Group will award "Loyal Guard" awards to 19 old employees who have worked in the company for more than 5 years on the day of their 10th birthday. To reward them for their efforts and companionship for Bovi Group over the years.

At the beginning of the award ceremony, Xu Yanting, executive deputy general manager of Polyva Group, launched the opening gun for the award ceremony, she used her passion and steady tone to lead everyone to look back at the Polyva ten years, counting the Polyva over the years, from scratch, from scratch, and the development and growth of the extraordinary years, which made the Polyva people present very moved. In the middle of the speech, Xu also connected Zhong Zhenshan, Kong Yaoming and other colleagues who were far away on business trips. Through the way of video connection, Xu connected the colleagues who were still far away in Turkey fighting for Polyva on the day of the celebration with the warm and cheerful atmosphere of the scene. Thousands of miles away, Kong Yaoming, Zhong Zhenshan and other people sent congratulations to Polyva's 10th birthday through mobile phones and live microphones, and the subtle connection between Polyva Group and old employees was the most concrete embodiment of technology.

Subsequently, 19 employees came to the stage in three rounds, and Huang Weihong, General manager of Polyva Group, Xu Yanting, executive deputy general manager of Polyva Group, and Qiu Zhenming, deputy general manager of research and development, successively awarded the "Loyal Defender" trophy and took a group photo. During the period, Xu once again connected the old employee Kong Yaoming by video and awarded him his glory in the "space". A trophy shines under the stage light, a little light through history, and the old staff for Polyva paid blood and tears each other, they are the backbone of Polyva Group, the trophy in the hand is just a symbol, Polyva development and growth, every inch is recognized their hard work medal.

Then, three excellent old employee representatives - equipment division Liang Tianxing, Qin Jianquan, film division Zhong Xu one by one on the stage to deliver an award speech, of which equipment division Liang Tianxing's unwritten speech, although simple and simple, but full of deep feeling: "When Polyva started from scratch, two rooms, five people, in the initial stage, overtime is a common thing, once our department worked overtime for more than 36 hours, another time I remember very clearly, even Huang always accompanied us to work overtime all night!" 

Finally, Mr. Huang Weihong, general manager of Polyva Group, walked slowly to the stage and delivered a concluding speech for the entire award ceremony.

At this point, Huang's wonderful speech for the entire award ceremony to draw a successful end, then, a number of leaders and winners on the stage to take a photo, for the award ceremony to draw the curtain.

The curtain of the award ceremony slowly came down, as all the leading employees moved back to their positions, a series of dishes came in, one after another, the atmosphere of the dinner party was opened up, the toast was staggered, and the sound of Shouting suddenly burst out in the crowd - it was the leaders' collective generosity in the company, issued red envelopes, which drew the employees to put down their bowls and chopsticks and stare at the screen. Put the food aside, and the cheerful and lively atmosphere will push the atmosphere of the dinner party to the climax.

Under the night, everyone raises a glass, to the past ten years, to the future hope, we celebrate, because this is the night of Polyva, sing aloud, may Polyva in the next ten years, still magnanimous!


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