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Aversive agent in the PVA film help the laundry


Many reports and suggestions to moms about the laundry detergent pods may harm your baby make them very worry about it's safety. Honestly speaking the capsule is the best laundry form we now have on market and will be the next most widely used detergent type. But before that the safety problem should be solved.

According the information from Japan top PVA film supplier Acello and Nippon Gohsei now their products for detergent use will follow the EU requirements to add the aversive agent in the film to make it from sweet to bitter taste.By this way when children mistake the laundry pods to candies the averisve agent will release in 0.6 seconds and they fell bitter tastes to avoid accidenThe CEO of Unimasses Group, Mr. Jiang said early this month that ''after the new film come to our factory the new pods from our factory will automatically upgrade to aversive type''. Now more people are getting involved in this line to help this unit dose concept spread widely and being accepted by more people. Unit dose concept is a great idea that will help our environment getting better and people get a easy better way to do laundry works. '


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