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​PVA Water Soluble Bags: The Secret to Safe and Hygienic Hospital Laundry


If you are working in the hospital as a health care worker, you must be following the precautions about the contaminated equipment and all that kind of stuff. The chances of infection in the hospital are so high and everyone must be aware of it.

One of the most vulnerable things to contamination is the hospital laundry. In most hospitals, traditional laundry bags are used where they place the laundry and then go for the wash. But it cannot prevent the contamination as the requirement is.

So here is the most advanced technique to overcome the risk of contamination, that is the PVA water-soluble laundry bags. These bags have a unique property, that is their water solubility. You just need to put the laundry bag into the washing machine and it will dissolve easily in water. In this way, it will prevent the personnel from contact with the infected laundry.

There might be some questions emerging in your mind about the qualities and way of use of these water soluble laundry bags. So just stay in touch till the bottom line of this read to get the answers.

Different Types — Hot & Cold Water Soluble Laundry Bags:

The two most used types of water-soluble laundry bags available in the market are a hot water-soluble laundry bag that dissolves in the water at 60 degrees centigrade. And a cold water water-soluble laundry bag that starts dissolving in the water at 25 degrees centigrade.

Bot the water-soluble bags are used in the hospital laundry. Their unique property is easy dissolution in the water without any residue. That’s why these are convenient to use. But you should keep in mind that these water-soluble bags aren't for domestic use. These are used in care centers and hospitals only.

How To Use Medical PVA Laundry Bags?

Using water-soluble PVA laundry bags is very easy. You just need to follow the steps below and you are done with it.

  1. Collection of Laundry:

In the first step, you have to collect all the laundry into the PVA bag and seal the bag with the proper sealing tape or any other sealing material. At this step be careful because the laundry you are collecting is full of infectious material. Handle it carefully.

  1. Transport It To The Laundry:

The second step is the transportation of the laundry to the desired place where you have to wash them. Precautions are still required at this step.

  1. Put The Bag Into The Machine:

After transportation, put the laundry into the washing machine. Keep in mind the temperature of the washing machine according to the type of water-soluble bag. Whether it's a hot or cold water-soluble bag you must be careful about the temperature.

  1. Dissolve In Water:

Once you put the laundry into the machine, the water soluble film will dissolve into the water. And you don't need to open it. This is one of the convenient PVA water-soluble films.

  1. The Laundry Is Washed:

This is the final step, your laundry is washed leaving no residue. The use of this kind of bag is the right choice because these bags have the property of complete dissolution in water and leave no pollution to the environment.

Why PVA Water Soluble Bags Are Used In Hospital Laundry?

There are some beneficial reasons behind the recommended use of PVA water soluble bags for laundry purposes in the hospital. I am going to explain all of the reasons one by one.

  1. Protect The Environment:

By using water soluble laundry bags you can protect your environment from the harmful impact of the pollution. These bags when dissolved in water are biodegraded by the living organisms like microorganisms in the water and release water and carbon oxide that can cause no harm to the environment.

  1. PVA Has High Water Solubility:

Unlike other laundry bags, PVA has high water solubility that can produce no residue in the environment. Hence when this water is wasted into the river and other water it will not affect the living organisms in the water

  1. Efficient Barrier Property:

PVA has a strong barrier property because the workers in the hospital don’t need to come in direct contact with the infected laundry. They just put the bag into the machine and it dissolves into the water and there is no chance of cross-contamination.

Applications Of Medical PVA Laundry Bags:

  1. Operation Theatres:

In the operation rooms of hospitals, there are a lot of contaminated stuff like surgical gowns, bed covers, drapes surgical gloves, etc. so here comes the medical laundry bags that can be the best option to prevent cross-contamination.

  1. Hospital general laundry:

In the hospital, the general laundry like the bedsheets in the patient wards, their clothes, the worker's uniform, and all other general stuff need to be properly managed. So the PVA laundry bags are also used here.

  1. Nursing Homes & Rehabilitation Centers:

Besides hospitals, PVA laundry bags can also be used in nursing homes and rehabilitation centers where a lot of homeless, old people, and orphans are living.

  1. Infection Care Centers:

In the infection care centers like the isolation centers during COVID-19 and also in some other infectious diseases, there is a huge chance of disease transmission. So the PVA laundry bags must be used there to avoid cross-contamination of the disease.

The Bottom Line:

In the vicinity of the hospital, there is a huge risk of contamination and pollution. It may be possible that due to some negligence in the case of laundry, some healthy people get the disease. 

To overcome the risk of infection transmission, PVA laundry bags are used. These are easy to use because of their water-soluble properties. There is no need for to personnel encounter the laundry process. Because you just have to put the sealed bag into the washing machine and it dissolves in water.

So what are you waiting for? Get your hospital laundry bags from POLYVA and prevent your hospital from the spread of infection and your environment from pollution.

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