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Characteristic and application field of water soluble film at low temperature

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03

  Cold water soluble film as a kind of new environmental protection film material, because of its special properties, are widely used in packaging, soluble embroidery, printing, mold release agents, temporary liner, and other fields, greatly facilitate the industry and people's everyday life. Small make up today and all of you take a look at the characteristics and application of water soluble film at low temperature field:

& have spent   1. According to the characteristics of water soluble film temperature is adjustable, can produce instant at low temperature, high temperature type water soluble bags.

      2. Dissolve bags at low temperature is mainly used for chemical products of quantitative packaging for one-off delivery.
      3. High temperature dissolving packaging and packaging of export products is mainly used for clothing. Water soluble film.
      4. According to the weight of packaged goods, volume, shape to conform to the requirements of the specification.

low temperature water soluble film products as high-tech environmental protection material, has the following features: water soluble and water soluble speed can be designed, non-toxic pollution-free; The tensile strength, tension, etc. With equal or better than traditional plastic film; High transparency, good gloss. Good resistance to oil solubility, heat sealing, printing; Good antistatic performance, mainly used in computer embroidery, water transfer printing and product environmental protection packing. < br / >

that is about the characteristics and application of water soluble film at low temperature field, thanks for your reading, I hope you can like it, want to further understand the friends can access the company website or call us, we will provide you with quality service < br / >

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