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Choose plastic bags or biodegradable plastic bags

by:POLYVA     2021-09-16
u003cpu003eEveryone in society now knows the pollution of non-degradable plastic bags to the natural environment, but not everyone can understand the hazards of white pollution. As a result, non-degradable plastic bags are still used in batches on the market, because people I have become accustomed to it. Plastic bags are now everywhere. People have adapted to its existence. It is impossible to truly remove them, but it can disappear from another aspect, that is, to make these things into degradable plastics. The bag, to truly disappear, will not cause trouble to people's lives, and can fundamentally solve the problem, why not do it? u003cbr /u003e   So what is the principle of degradation of this technology? In the plastic production process, by adding a certain proportion of oxidative biological double degradation masterbatch, in the natural environment, through the comprehensive action of light, heat, and oxygen, oxidative degradation occurs, so that the hydrophobic polymer chain is oxidatively degraded into hydrophilic groups. Oligomers or small molecules. The external manifestation of degradation is that the plastic breaks into fragments or powder, and the mechanical properties are significantly reduced. The oxidatively degraded fragments become nutrients for the survival of microorganisms, and eventually become environmentally friendly substances such as carbon dioxide, water and soil organic matter, and return to the ecosystem. u003c/pu003e
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