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Classification standard of water-soluble film

by:POLYVA     2021-09-17
u003cpu003eu003cpu003e Water-soluble film is a new type of environmental protection material, which can be completely degraded. There are many types of water-soluble membranes produced by manufacturers, and different types of water-soluble membranes have different uses. Water-soluble films can be classified according to color, appearance, purpose, and temperature of dissolved water. u003c/pu003eu003cpu003e 1. Water-soluble films are classified by color:u003cbr /u003e Water-soluble films mainly include natural-colored films and colored water-soluble films according to colors. If water-soluble films need two-color or multi-color, they generally adopt transparent natural-color films. print. u003cbr /u003e 1. Natural color water-soluble film, including transparent film and translucent film, the color of this kind of film mainly depends on the source material, natural color film is generally used in embroidery and low-end packaging. u003cbr /u003e 2. Colored film water-soluble film, including white, red, blue, green, yellow, etc., in a certain amount of circumstances, the color can be adjusted. u003cbr /u003e 3. Multi-color film water-soluble film can only be printed to obtain multi-color effect. According to the current production process, it is difficult to directly produce two-color or multi-color film and bags, so it is usually achieved by post-processing printing. u003cbr /u003e 2. Water-soluble films are classified according to their appearance: u003cbr /u003e Water-soluble films are classified into single-sided embossed water-soluble film, double-sided light texture and double-sided embossed according to appearance. u003cbr /u003e 1. Single-sided embossed water-soluble film, one side is embossed (no pattern embossing), the other side is light grain, mainly used for embroidery, powder degradable packaging, etc. u003cbr /u003e 2. Double-sided light-textured water-soluble film, that is, no embossing, generally used for degradable packaging, water transfer printing, anti-static packaging and isolation, etc. u003cbr /u003e 3. Double-sided embossed water-soluble film, that is, there are embossing on both sides (no pattern embossing). This type of film is difficult to produce in terms of production process. In addition to more processes, it is mainly used and single-sided There is not much difference in embossing and is generally not recommended. u003cbr /u003e 3. Water-soluble films are classified according to their uses: u003cbr /u003e Water-soluble films are divided into three types according to their uses: fast-dissolving films, medium-soluble films, and insoluble films. u003cbr /u003e 1. The fast-dissolving film can be used for clothing embroidery substrates, agricultural seed bags, herbicide packaging bags, cleaning supplies packaging, and chemical product packaging. Disposable packaging bags such as water drape and hospital washing bags. u003cbr /u003e 2. Medium-soluble film can be used for wigs, food, cosmetic packaging bags. u003cbr /u003e 3. Insoluble film can be used for high-end textiles, plastic packaging bags, packaging cushions, and book/paper protective films. u003cbr /u003e Fourth, water-soluble membranes are classified according to the temperature of the dissolved water: u003cbr /u003e Water-soluble membranes are classified into five levels according to the temperature of the dissolved water, but this classification does not strictly divide the boundaries. The five categories are: 20°C, 40°C, 60°C, 80°C, and 100°C. u003cbr /u003e 1. 20°C (tap water): It can be dissolved in ordinary tap water at 15°C-30°C. u003cbr /u003e2, 40°C level: It can be dissolved by heating tap water to 30°C-50°C. u003cbr /u003e3, 60°C level: It can be dissolved when the tap water is heated to 50°C-70°C. u003cbr /u003e 4. 80°C level: It can be dissolved by heating tap water to 70°C-90°C. u003cbr /u003e5, 100°C level: It can be dissolved when the tap water is heated to 90°C-100°C. u003cbr /u003e Water-soluble membrane water-soluble speed can be designed and selected, non-toxic and non-polluting. Tensile strength, tension, high transparency and good gloss. High softness and good touch. Good oil and solvent resistance, heat-sealable and printable. Low air permeability and good gas barrier properties. Excellent antistatic performance, no dust absorption and other characteristics, the application of water-soluble film improves the quality and grade of the product. u003cbr /u003eu003c/pu003eu003c/pu003e
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