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Condensate beads automatic packing machine is what

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03
Condensate beads automatic packing machine is a small dose of liquid automatic bottling equipment for special purpose, is designed for laundry detergent condensate beads alone quantitative packaging and to develop a packaging machine, has a good film and liquid preparation adaptability.
the device adopts the peristaltic pump canned, high reliability, small measurement error; Adopt servo motor, the continuity of the production, tempo flexibility can be accurately adjusted. Mold using 3 d software optimization design, CNC machining, to ensure the rationality of the mold cavity, uniformity and consistency. Heat sealing structure, reliable sealing, stable. Finished product adopts the model of split type cutter is eager, one-time forming, cutting edge smooth and neat. The whole machine adopts PLC control, temperature, velocity modulation parameters through the man-machine interface touch screen setting, high degree of automation. Equipment accessories adopt international brand, long life period.

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