Focus on water soluble film application 

Embroidered water soluble film

by:POLYVA     2021-02-04
Embroidery is used as a temporary carrier, can be applied to all kinds of high-grade underwear, fashion and special cloth < br / > PVA film as the temporary carrier can be applied to computer embroidery, and the production of the wig. In terms of the embroidery, because with water-soluble, used as the advances of PVA film at room temperature water bath, ten seconds, advances in embroidery at the bottom of the water soluble glue line can be completely dissolved, high-quality embroidery patterns can be present. Traditional high temperature water soluble paper lining generally to temperature above 90 ℃ can be dissolved, and hot boiled with embroidery products easy corrugate, discolor the individual product or discoloration, laborious and not beautiful, I plant in order to adapt to the embroidery industry demand, is now in research and development to produce high-tech new product fast dissolving type cold water soluble film, and the cold water can be completely dissolved completely clean, and can enhance the product's quality and increment embroidery. This product in room temperature water ( 15℃) Under 20 seconds to melt completely, dissolve 2 minutes to thoroughly clean, no residue on the embroidery, and harmless material to produce, processing is convenient, do not produce wire drawing, glue and other residue; Apply to the multi-head embroidery machine, will not break, walk a slant hole; Instead of the payment of non-woven material, avoid high temperature dissolving on deformation and fiber textile dyestuff fading, than the traditional high temperature water soluble paper lining is more convenient. < br / > is mainly suitable for underwear and lace embroidery, request feel is very soft, can not resistant to high temperature cloth embroidery, etc. < br / > specifications: < br / > thickness ( mm)
0. 025 - 0. 060 < br / > width ( cm)
10- 100 < br / > length ( m) < br / > 500 < br / > note: < br / > need not when, the remaining water soluble film with PE stretch film packaging or turn a bag mouth of good, stored dry place, prevent suck tide wrinkle < br / > the embroidery has been completed, the best three times washing, soaking for the first time more than 30 minutes advisable < br / > water-soluble film ability mineral oil, almost all of the grease and organic solvents, but the strong acid, strong alkali, chlorine free radicals and other can react with PVA material can not contact with water soluble film. < br / > cold water in embroidery embroidery water-soluble film is used as a temporary carrier, because used as advances material with water-soluble, as long as more than ten seconds on the low temperature water bubble, advances, it dissolves, embroidery patterns can be present. Its characteristic is shown as the following: taken the unique surface design and brittle Zhang Liqiang, do not make the embroidery needle, and needle, don't walk, not offset; Painted green no side effects, non-toxic, no pollution, do not contain formaldehyde, eventually degrade to CO2 and H2O; U cold water soluble film can completely meet the requirements of all kinds of embroidery technology advances, on the strength of the bottom; Taken the cold water soluble film can be applied to all kinds of high-grade underwear, fashion and special cloth.
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