Focus on water soluble film application 

Environmental protection plastic bags - — Pva water soluble bags

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03

with the worsening of the modern living environment, environmental protection has been more and more get people's attention. Often people think of plastic, plastic products, especially in environmental plastic bags is one of the killer! < br /> it is unilateral, also is a myth, we used plastic bags, it is the source of white pollution, has a huge impact on the environment, it's not fake. But don't forget that plastic bag is one of great invention in the twentieth century, is also the progress of human civilization as the itinerary upon! We can even say that: 'we are currently in the life the most are plastic bags' environmental protection packing materials! '< br /> PVA polyvinyl alcohol, water soluble materials, it is a pollution-free, non-toxic water soluble bag, instant, under the influence of water formed gradually after the glue solution can penetrate into the soil, increase soil mass of viscosity, permeability and water retention, very suitable for the reconstruction of the soil, and PVA polymer were susceptible strains in the soil decomposition, final degradation of water and carbon dioxide ( H2O and CO2) 。 Because it has completely water soluble and biodegradable, so it is worthy of green environmental protection product. < br /> PVA can be made into film, now to make the bag, due to the nature of it is water soluble, PVA bag is called water soluble bags. He inherited some excellent properties of ordinary plastic bags, and like a paper bag man of the characteristics of environmental protection, easy degradation, absolute can be called the most environmentally friendly bag!           Water soluble bags will become the mainstream of the plastic material in the future, to the health of the human life added a splendid chapter!

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