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How to Use Manual Capsule Filling Machines?


Manually Operation Capsules Packing Machine transforms medicinal production. Understand precision and best practices. You'll learn vital techniques here. Expert advice aids safe and efficient operations.

 Preparing Your Workspace!

· Clean Area

Begin by ensuring a pristine workspace. Debris and contaminants compromise quality. Thus, cleanliness offers optimal capsule packaging results.

· Sterilize Tools

All tools, including spoons and spatulas, require sterilization. High heat or UV treatment ensures a 99.9% germ-free environment.

· Proper Lighting

Proper illumination assists in detecting errors. Good lighting sources, around 2000-3000 lumens, offer optimal visibility.

· Avoid Moisture

Machines deteriorate in damp conditions. Dry environments extend machine longevity. Invest in dehumidifiers if necessary.

· Set Trays

Correctly placing trays ensures streamlined operations. Align trays parallel to the machine’s conveyor belt.

· Organized Ingredients

Place all required components within arm’s reach. Proper ingredient organization boosts efficiency by 30%.

· Wear Gloves

Gloves protect against contamination. Nitrile gloves, resistant to punctures, offer superior equipment protection.

· No Distractions

Focus remains vital. Interruptions reduce precision. Ensure a quiet environment for optimal productivity.


Understanding Capsules!

· Gelatin Type

Gelatin capsules, derived from collagen, are common. Know the source, whether bovine or porcine, for accurate product labeling.

· Vegetarian Variant

Plant-based capsules suit vegans. HPMC (Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose) remains a popular choice, free from animal products.

· Size Codes

Capsules come in sizes 000 to 5. Each size holds a specific volume, from 0.13ml to 1.37ml.

· Shelf Life

Capsules can last 3-5 years on average. Store them in cool, dry conditions for maximum shelf life.

· Moisture Sensitivity

Capsules absorb humidity. Exposure above 65% relative humidity leads to deformities.

· Tamper Evident

Security features protect against unauthorized access. Recognize tamper-evident seals for customer trust.

· Locking Mechanism

Capsules lock after filling. Understand locking mechanisms for seamless production.

· Fill Volume

Precision ensures uniformity. Machines should maintain less than 1% variance in fill volume.


Steps to Set Up Your Manual Capsule Filling Machine!

· Tray Alignment

Positioning trays correctly is paramount. Misaligned trays result in spillage and wastage.

· Adjust Scale

Calibration guarantees precise fill weights. Regular scale checks ensure consistency.

· Check Hinges

Hinges allow machine parts movement. Ensure smooth operation, and lubricate if resistance is felt.

· Secure Base

Stability is crucial. Anchor the machine base firmly to prevent wobbles.

· Position Plates

Plates guide capsules into position. Proper plate alignment ensures seamless filling.

· Set Spacers

Spacers regulate capsule spacing. Accurate positioning means uniform product distribution.

· Prep Funnels

Funnels channel ingredients into capsules. Ensure clog-free funnels for continuous flow.

· Test Run

Before mass production, conduct a trial. A successful test ensures operational readiness.


Capsule Separation Process!

· Loosen Capsules

Begin by unlocking each capsule gently. A separation of 0.3 mm between capsule parts ensures easy handling.

· Align Slots

Place capsules into designed holders. Remember, slots measuring 7.2 mm work best for standard capsules.

· Gentle Twist

With a mild rotation of 15 degrees, capsules should detach. Rotations exceeding 20 degrees risk damage.

· Separate Bodies

Upon twisting, capsule bodies fall into distinct compartments. Trays with 50 compartments prove efficient.

· Sort Lids

Lids are lighter, moving towards the machine's upper segment. A tray holding 100 lids optimizes speed.

· Avoid Breakage

Ensuring a pressure under 2 N avoids any breakage. High pressures compromise capsule quality.

· Clean Edges

Every capsule edge needs attention. Ultrasonic cleaners operating at 50 kHz can yield pristine results.

· Stack Trays

Once separated, trays stacked up to 5 high maximize space.


Filling the Capsules!

· Precise Dosage

Precision remains crucial. Each fill should measure between 400-500 mg for optimal capsule weight.

· Even Spread

Distribute content evenly. The spread ensures that 99% of capsules meet weight specifications.

· Tamp Down

Compacting tools help. A tamp pressure around 4 N ensures compact, well-filled capsules.

· Fill Level

Maintain a fill level of 4 mm. Levels exceeding 5 mm may result in overflows.

· Avoid Spills

Spillage reduces efficiency. Machines with accuracy levels of 98% reduce waste.

· Monitor Weight

Regularly check filled capsule weight. Machines with 0.01g precision provide reliable data.

· No Overfilling

Capsules filled beyond capacity may burst. Hence, the content should remain below the 500 mg mark.

· Clean Excess

Any residue should be removed. Brushes operating at 100 rpm effectively clear the excess.


Rejoining and Sealing Capsules!

· Align Caps

Before sealing, ensure caps align with bodies. Misalignments of even 0.5 mm can cause sealing issues.

· Gentle Press

Using a pressure of 5 N, merge the two halves. Avoiding excessive force ensures no breakage.

· Verify Seal

Each seal should be checked. Machines at 99.5% accuracy level are preferred.

· Check Integrity

Ensure capsule walls remain intact. Wall thickness around 0.9 mm indicates optimal quality.

· Quality Inspection

Machines with high speed-resolution cameras inspect every capsule. A resolution of 720p offers detailed imagery.

· Avoid Force

During the sealing, a pressure below 7 N is recommended. Excess force compromises the capsule's structure.

· Secure Lock

Ensure that each capsule locks properly. A rotation lock of 20 degrees ensures safety.

· Final Check

Every capsule undergoes final scrutiny. Machines with a success rate of 99.8% ensure top-notch quality.


Tips for Enhancing Productivity and Efficiency!

· Batch Processing

Opt for batch processing methods. Processing multiple units simultaneously boosts output and reduces lead time. In manual operations, setting up batches ensures uniformity.

· Calibrate Regularly

Calibration plays a pivotal role. Regularly check machine parts, especially scales and sensors. Accurate measurements lead to better product quality. Remember, even slight deviations impact the final product.

· Quality Ingredients

Prioritize top-notch ingredients. Quality directly influences the efficacy of the final product. Subpar ingredients compromise machine performance and end results.

· Fastidious Records

Maintain detailed records. Document every operational step. Keeping meticulous logs aids in identifying operational glitches and patterns. Such records provide invaluable insights during troubleshooting.

· Timed Operations

Implement timed procedures. Allocate specific durations for each operational phase. Sticking to a timed schedule ensures uniformity and helps maintain a consistent production pace.

· Minimal Wastage

Aim for zero waste. Every raw material counts. By optimizing processes, unnecessary wastage can be curtailed. Efficient use of resources translates to better profit margins.

· Continuous Training

Invest in staff education. Regular training sessions familiarize operators with latest best practices. A well-informed team operates machines with greater proficiency and ensures optimal outcomes.

· Efficient Workflow

Streamline operational flow. Designate specific areas for distinct tasks. By organizing the workspace efficiently, machine operators navigate tasks seamlessly, leading to quicker turnaround times.



Manually Operation Capsules Packing Machine enhances pharmaceutical processes. Proper use ensures quality capsules. Always prioritize safety and accuracy. For further expertise, consult Polyva-Pvafilm. Your success in capsule production lies in continuous learning and practice.

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