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Instructions for use of pva water soluble bag

by:POLYVA     2021-09-17
u003cpu003eAbout the instruction manual of the PVA water-soluble bag, let’s study together:u003cbr /u003eStorage requirements:u003cbr /u003e 1.  The water-soluble bag is stored in a sealed outer packaging bag. u003cbr /u003e 2.  Every time you use, open the outer packaging bag, take out the water-soluble bag you need, and seal the outer packaging bag until the next use. u003cbr /u003e 3.  The product must be stored in a dry, normal temperature or warm environment. u003cbr /u003e Filling: u003cbr /u003e 1.  The hand holding the water-soluble bag must be dry to prevent the water-soluble bag from contacting any liquid to maintain the integrity and strength of the bag. u003cbr /u003e 2.  When placing items in the water-soluble bag, put the dry items at the bottom of the bag first. This method can effectively help the water-soluble bag to resist the moisture caused by the items placed in the bag. u003cbr /u003e 3.  Do not put overly wet items or items soaked in liquid in a water-soluble bag at any time. Please remember that this product is quite sensitive to moisture. u003cbr /u003e 4.  Natural water-soluble bags can be used in warm or hot water with or without bleach to meet the washing needs of any item (including white items, for example). u003cbr /u003e Encapsulation: u003cbr /u003e 1.  Before closing the bag, exhaust the air in the bag as much as possible, so that the bag and its contents are safer during transportation, not easily damaged, and more compact in space. u003cbr /u003e 2.  Use the colored neck-sealing tape that fits on the bag or is attached to the bag to tighten the bag opening to ensure a safe sealu003cbr /u003e 3.  Please use the neck-sealing tape to tighten the bag opening , Do not use the method of knotting the water-soluble bag itself to encapsulate, because this will affect the complete solubility of the water-soluble bag film during washing. u003cbr /u003e 4.  In order to prevent the water-soluble bag from being damaged during transportation (for example, being penetrated or torn), the sealed water-soluble bag should be put in other packaging bags (such as linen bags or polyethylene bags) to enhance storage safety. u003cbr /u003e Washing:u003cbr /u003e 1. Keep the sealed water-soluble bag and its contents in the washing machine. u003cbr /u003e 2.  During the initial cold water rinsing, the water-soluble bag will burst open, releasing the contents into the water. u003cbr /u003e 3.  The film of the water-soluble bag will completely dissolve in the water during washing with a water temperature of 65 degrees Celsius. u003cbr /u003e 4.  After washing with water below 65 degrees Celsius, remove the remaining part of the water-soluble bag and discard it. u003cbr /u003e 5.  To achieve the best results, avoid washing items that exceed the maximum washing capacity declared by the washing machine. u003cbr /u003e 6.  Can provide (chromium waste water soluble bag tray) to help more convenient and effective use of water soluble bag. u003c/pu003e
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