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Introduction to the action characteristics of PET film-film supplier

by:POLYVA     2021-11-15
PET is the abbreviation of a kind of plastic, PET plastic is usually used in the packaging of food, medicine, etc.; it can be used as packaging bottles, such as cosmetic bottles, medicine bottles, etc.; it can also be used in auto parts, machinery and equipment, etc., which can be said to be useful Very extensive. PET film is a kind of plastic film, which has the characteristics of PET plastic. Specifically, the characteristics of PET film: 1. Good transparency and gloss; 2. Excellent air tightness and fragrance retention; 3. Strong Resistance is the best among all plastics; 4. Outstanding heat and cold resistance; 5. Oil resistance is also excellent 6. Not resistant to strong alkalis, and easy to be charged with static electricity. PET film can be divided into: high-gloss film, transport film, reflective film, coating film, antistatic film, heat-sealing film, etc., and suitable films can be selected according to different needs.
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