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Purchasing Behavior in Laundry Detergent Industry and the Laundry Detergent Packing Machine


In this post-pandemic economy, where global inflation is expected to breach 7 percent and economic growth is isolated, companies are wary about introducing premium products like laundry pods into their product ranges.

However, the research on the topic could prove otherwise.

Instead, research shows that during difficult times, people resort to shopping for essential items like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, bleach, and disinfectant wipes.

Despite the media portraying impulsive shopping as a behavior exhibited by bored individuals who choose to overspend on designer items, that isn't the case.

A recent study published in the Journal of Consumer Research indicates that people tend to derive pleasure from spontaneous spending, often by purchasing necessary items like laundry detergent pods instead of luxury goods.

According to the authors, individuals who feel they have lost control are more inclined to purchase functional products like laundry detergents.

Since such products are commonly associated with problem-solving, they help people restore their sense of control.

One study showed that people remembered feeling in control while shopping it was typically associated with buying more practical things like cleaning supplies.

The study, titled "Control Deprivation Motivates Acquisition of Utilitarian Products," explored that even purchasing mundane household items can fulfill the desires of compulsive shoppers. Furthermore, the authors propose that impulsive shopping does not necessarily harm finances if a buyer purchases practical products such as laundry pods or disinfectant wipes.

What does this mean for brands and manufacturers?

Manufacturers Can Leverage the Growing Desire for Premium Products with a Laundry Detergent Packing Machine

In times of economic downturn, it is not only compulsive buyers who tend to purchase premium products. Rather, affluent consumers are inclined towards shopping premium ranges, as it helps them maintain a sense of normality amidst the chaos. Such purchases provide them with a sense of comfort and security, ensuring they can continue enjoying a certain level of luxury and indulgence despite the prevailing economic conditions.

This makes an economic downturn the best time to launch a premium product because you can target consumers who can navigate a downturn and still shop premium but also consumers who will enter the premium income bracket in future.

These products are aspirational and therefore mean more consumers will tend to purchase these laundry detergent pods to protect themselves from the negative effects.

Manufacturers can leverage these purchase behaviors by broadening their current detergent production enterprise by introducing laundry pods.

To enter this market, you need a laundry detergent packing machine.

A laundry detergent packing machine is cost-effective as it requires minimal overhead and can significantly enhance the overall output capacity.

But to get the best of both the premium and popular products, manufacturers can benefit from using laundry capsules filling sealing machines.

These laundry capsules filling sealing machines allow manufacturers to create powdered laundry pods in a water-soluble casing.

The perfect premeasured portion of laundry detergent makes these desirable to consumers who want convenience.

The NZE automatic machine packages powder and liquid pods using a rotary drum. It is designed to form, fill, seal, and cut small unit doses.

Incorporating this laundry detergent packing machine into production means your company can combine liquid and powder products in one pod.

While this may not seem beneficial for manufacturers already producing laundry detergents, it means the investment will only be in the laundry detergent packing machine and not the research and development of other products.

With these laundry capsules filling sealing machines, manufacturers can use their existing detergents in the production of laundry pods.

Manufacturers can combine liquid fabric softeners with powder laundry detergents.

POLYVA's Laundry Capsules Filling Sealing Machines

POLYVA has developed a laundry capsules filling sealing machines that feature a drum-type design and independent servo-powered transmission for optimal performance.

The mold used in our laundry detergent packing machine is precision processed and integrated with CNC technology to ensure consistency and dimensional accuracy.

Additionally, the main roller can be switched quickly — in about 20 minutes to one hour — to improve equipment utilization.

We have created a patented water seal design that has been adopted, allowing for round-the-clock use of the machine.

The integrated split design also provides one more row of capsules per circle, resulting in higher film utilization and more units per minute.

Despite the high efficiency and ability to create custom molds, keeping the mold system clean and well-maintained is hassle-free as it can be easily cleaned with water.

Overall, this equipment offers efficient and reliable capsule production.

For manufacturers wanting to expand into the premium laundry detergent space, the laundry capsules filling sealing machines are undoubtedly the easiest way to do it.

You can contact our team of professionals to determine how you can launch products in this industry. 

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