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PVA Film For Toilet Cleaner Packing is Key to Dominate Growing Segment


Consumers are searching for automatic toilet cleaners — ways to clean their toilets without coming into contact with any component of the toilet.

Given heightened public awareness around germs and contamination, consumers want to avoid touching the toilet seat, bowl, and tank — here's where toilet cleaning tablets come in handy. Consumers drop and flush these tablets to instantly deodorize and disinfect their toilet bowl.


But for savvy manufacturers, the first step to reach this conscious consumer is to develop a product that appeals to them. To do that, you need to use and understand the toilet bowl cleaner PVA water soluble film.

However, before turning your attention to the toilet bowl cleaner PVA water soluble film, first consider this growing market segment and what they desire in a toilet cleaner.

How Big is the Toilet Cleaner Market?

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the toilet care industry. With people gaining greater awareness about the importance of cleanliness and hygiene, there was a surge in demand for cleaning products.

That demand has not diminished. Instead, the pandemic and lingering effects mean this market segment will have sustained growth over the short and medium term.


In fact, the global toilet cleaner market is on track to reach USD 90 billion in 2023 and is expected to grow at an estimated CAGR of 4.5 percent between 2023 and 2028.

Most of this growth is projected to occur in Asia-Pacific, where consumers are keenly interested in personal care, particularly home care.

Developing Toilet Cleaning Products That Appeal to Consumers

Besides looking for toilet cleaners that sanitize and disinfect, consumers want convenience.

To consumers, convenience means cleaning that doesn't mean getting your hands dirty, or that requires spending much time on cleaning.

That convenience isn't only limited to an easy clean but also in a way that minimizes handling of the product and the toilet.

That's why consumers are turning away from liquid toilet cleaners that would require them to touch the seat and scrub the bowl to automatic cleaners and toilet cleaning tablets.

These types of products give an entire bowl clean, removing germs while scenting the bowl and bathroom.


Furthermore, consumers desire eco-friendly and sustainable products that wouldn't harm the environment.


To attract this growing market segment, your toilet cleaner will need to meet all these specifications.

Essentially, a toilet cleaner will dominate the market if it's:

· Eco-friendly and biodegradable

· Made to be used without touching the toilet

· Deodorizes and scents the toilet

· Disinfects and sanitizes the bowl


Not even automatic toilet cleaners meet all these specifications. Primarily because these toilet cleaners require consumers to touch the bowl when applying them — and sometimes when removing them.


Creating toilet cleaner tablets with toilet bowl cleaner PVA water soluble film means you can develop and market a product that will entice this growing market.

But to create that type of product, you need PVA film for toilet cleaner packing.

Effectively Manufacture Toilet Cleaner Tablets with PVA Film For Toilet Cleaner Packing

Toilet cleaner tablets are still a relatively untapped market. Manufacturers want to create a tablet that delivers the desired results.


While the contents of toilet cleaner tablets — which include surfactants and scents — work to clean, disinfect, and scent the toilet. But the real hero in these tablets is the packaging.


Packaging is integral in the effectiveness of the toilet cleaner tablet. The packaging should easily dissolve in cold water.

Therefore, manufacturers need to pay special attention to packaging that ensures the tablet dissolves evenly and efficiently, allowing the ingredients to do their job effectively.


Most consumers have a poor experience with toilet cleaners because the tablets won't dissolve.

But that's because most Polyvinyl Alcohol is developed to dissolve in temperatures of 77°F (25°C) or warmer.

However, the water in an average porcelain toilet bowl only ever reaches 62°F (16°C). At these temperatures, the average water-soluble PVA will remain intact or only partly dissolve.


Then consumers are forced to flush chunks of plastic that can destroy pipes, septic systems and do not match the claims of being eco-friendly and biodegradable.


The polyvinyl alcohol POLYVA uses in developing its PVA film for toilet cleaner packing instantly dissolves in cold water. We can confidently make this promise because we've developed it after years of research and development.


POLYVA has created a PVA film for toilet cleaner packing that dissolves with no residue in cold water.


Among the features of this PVA film for toilet cleaner packing are also customizable and green. The PVA film for toilet cleaner packing developed by POLYVA is also weather resistant, able to withstand temperature fluctuations without curling.


If your company is considering expanding into the burgeoning market of toilet cleaning tablets, you want to use the market leader — POLYVA.



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