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The Advantages of Agrochemicals Water Soluble Packaging Film


Today, more than ever before, the development of solutions to minimize plastic pollution is gaining popularity. The world needs solutions for packaging that get the job done but won't be lingering on decades later just because they were a single use plastic.

Biodegradable water soluble films provide a preferable response and, therefore, a bright future for packaging.

What is Water-soluble film?

As the name suggests, water soluble plastic film is a packaging type that dissolves once in direct contact with water. The materials of this packaging include Polyvinyl alcohol, starch, and cellulose; however, the most widely used material is Polyvinyl alcohol. Most of them are PVA-based (Polyvinyl alcohol) plastic as starch, or cellulose-based films are scarce when compared to PVA plastic.

How does Water-soluble film work/Dissolve?

When water comes in contact with the film, it begins to dissolve. The amount of time it takes for the film to dissolve completely will differ depending on the type of water-soluble plastic and its thickness. For example, a 2% Polyvinyl alcohol film will take about four to ten minutes to dissolve in 20°C water. Regardless of the type, though, the film completely disintegrates and leaves no trace of itself behind!

Water Soluble Packaging Film has a wide range of uses, including in households, agriculture, food, pharmaceuticals, and hospitals, because of how great and environmentally friendly it is.

Beyond its environmentally friendly properties, water-soluble packing film offers many advantages too. In this post, we'll be taking a closer look at some of the main ones!

The Advantages of Agrochemicals Water Soluble Packaging Film

Below are some of the main advantages of agrochemicals water soluble packing film:

It has a minimal carbon footprint.

Smaller pieces of plastic are frequently found in nature, even though they are not visible to the naked eye. So even if you think there isn't any plastic around, it's probably just the fact that you can't actually see it. Because of the way humans have lived and trashed the Earth, microplastics are found everywhere on the planet. With each piece of plastic that remains on the Earth, it becomes more and more polluted, more and more contaminated.

However, if you switch to water soluble plastic film, these will be unlikely to occur. Water soluble plastic is biodegradable in contrast to petroleum-based plastics. They will decompose naturally and completely within three months. Furthermore, because it is biodegradable, the packaging will not leave any toxic residue in the environment, making it a more safe and more secure alternative!

It's the cheaper choice in the long run.

Not only is it more environmentally friendly, but the water-soluble plastic film is also more economical in the long term. This is due to the decreased amount of waste that is produced when using these types of packaging materials. Since these aren't made from petroleum, as regular plastics are, more companies can easily make the switch and move to these water-soluble plastics instead! One more thing that brings down the cost by a lot is the fact that it does not require special disposal methods and completely disappears after it's been disposed of.

It has a double positive effect on the environment.

Carrying things off from the last point, because water-soluble packaging leaves no residue and is made from renewable resources, it has a double positive effect! This means that it doesn't only reduce the amount of pollution that's being caused, but it also actually helps to improve the environment too.

Some types of water-soluble packaging are even designed to be edible! These are made from materials such as cellulose, which is a type of carbohydrate that can be found in plants. When these are ingested, they actually help to add fiber to the diet! This is something that regular plastic packaging obviously can't do. Automatically making it better for the world and safer for everyone around it too!

It can be used to improve workflow.

One of the best things about water-soluble packing is that it can really speed up a bunch of processes. For example, fishing bait often comes in plastic packaging to keep everything fresh and separated. With that comes the need to do an entire extra step to get the bait into the water for it to be usable. With water-soluble packaging, you can hook the entire bait, including the packaging, and simply toss it into the water! It will dissolve with the water, and even if the fish were to bite it, it'd just disintegrate anyway!

The same concept applies to agricultural materials (pesticides etc.). A person working on a farm could distribute all of the pesticides with the packaging intact into the farm, and it wouldn't be activated until water is added and the packaging melts off!

These might seem like little things at first. However, when you look at them at a greater scale, they end up making a lot of difference in terms of time!

It is better for food packaging.

Water-soluble packaging is also a lot better when it comes to food packaging. Plastic particles can get into our food and water. This can cause many health problems. These problems can be things like hormone-related cancers, infertility, and neurodevelopmental disorders. However, as mentioned before, it is made from renewable resources and is completely biodegradable. Not to mention, it doesn't leave any toxic residue behind either! Petroleum based plastics often release chemicals that can be harmful to both the environment and our health, while water-soluble versions are completely safe for the human body!

They can be used to protect the user from harmful chemicals.

Water-soluble packaging can also be used as a safety measure to protect the user from harmful chemicals. An example of this would be someone using chlorine to clean a pool. Chlorine exposure can be dangerous for a person's lungs, skin, eyes, and overall well-being. That's why the job is so taxing and difficult to do. However, with chlorine inside water-soluble packaging, the entire danger of it all disappears. The user can just toss the chlorine pods into the pool and let them dissolve into the water completely. The packaging will disappear within minutes, the chlorine will spread into the pool, and the user will never have to worry about any type of exposure at all.

This isn't just something that applies to pools, but it can apply to many walks of life, including medicine!

Anything that might harm a human if they come in contact with it can be wrapped up in this type of packaging film, and the user will stay completely safe from exposure! All of that without having to worry about the potential waste of protecting the harmful substance because, at the end of the day, the packaging will dissolve without a trace!

Everything aside, even if you forget about the environmental impact and the safety of it all, you can't deny that there's nothing as convenient as using water-soluble packaging. It can instantly make products more usable and can even eliminate the need for extra work! For example, using dishwashing pods that are wrapped in water soluble packaging film instead of liquid dish soap. You can just toss the pod into the dishwasher, add some water, and it will start washing your dishes! No need to worry about measuring out the right amount of soap or even dealing with a messy bottle.

And that's really just the tip of the iceberg; you have other products like toilet cleaners, laundry pods, and so much more, making this type of packaging the most convenient one to go for!

The Bottom Line

Agrochemicals Water-soluble packaging film has many advantages that make it superior to other types of packaging film. It is environmentally friendly, safe for the user, and very convenient to use. It is the perfect type of packaging for a wide variety of products and will continue to be popular in the years to come!








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