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Water soluble bag attention: garbage sorting without 'broken bag' innovation drive for environmental protection

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03

water soluble bag power garbage classification for governance white pollution solution

'countries strongly advocated garbage classification, this is also our effort direction. On the processing of kitchen waste and pet poop, high temperature water soluble functional environmental protection new materials can effectively play its unique functions. Such as flushing poop bag, without having to open bag, bag YiChongLeZhi, no blocking by the toilet, fully biodegradable; Kitchen waste bags, no need for 'torn bags' processing, can completely meet the needs of the post-treatment process and equipment of kitchen waste, bring convenience to the residents of garbage classification. 'Green remains group general manager Yu Zibo said water-soluble environmental protection bags found garbage classification and convenience for residents life balance, as well as garbage sorting build the last line of defence to solve the' white pollution '.

'the rapid development of modern industry, people's consumption behavior, life style chartered pursuit and the contradiction between the increasingly serious white pollution. Daily use generate a lot of plastic shopping bag is currently the main source, it is well known that the white pollution has become a big challenge in the global ecological environment protection. Water soluble bag in domestic business super, plastic products, take-away rise, white plastic box thrown out. Now general ordinary plastic products cannot be fully degradation, irreversible damage to environment, a serious threat to the Marine environment, biological. The edible after plastic fish by human predation, plastic particles along the food chain enter human body, also can cause irreversible harm to our health. 'Yu Zibo pointed out that the green daily for independent research and development and industrial packaging environmental protection new material product, provides a solution to control white pollution,' we think it should be more application in the field of popularization, especially in some civilian areas, let the water soluble functional environmental protection new materials play a role, a better love life, protect the Marine environment. '

let innovation better reflect on environmental innovation better reflected in the daily life

innovation is the first motive force in the development, improve the ability to innovate, to firmly grasp the development of the initiative.

Yu Zibo introduction, water-soluble functional environmental protection new materials compared with other hundreds of years to degradation of plastic, with the advantages of safe, non-toxic, no harm to people, animals, plants. Completely biodegradable, biodegradation in the natural environment and water as the carbon dioxide and water, water soluble bag material can all return to nature, has no impact on the environment. With water-soluble, in room temperature water softening quickly, can be completely dissolved in hot water, even fish eat can digest, no damage.

'water-soluble function environmental protection new material of the core technology and high-end product once basic monopolized by Japanese companies. After years of scientific research, the current green air-conditioning softening technology for used are all independent research and development of scientific research, both in domestic or international is the sole independent core technology barriers. 'He also pointed out.

in Yu Zibo point of view, the advantage of the new material is obvious, its product in the world has been widely used optics, medical prevention infection control packing, the safe disposal of pollutants, modified atmosphere and more fruits and vegetables daily detergent quantitative packaging such as industry, agriculture and cosmetic fields. Chinese enterprises should seize this advantage, product advantage into competitive advantage, it puts forward higher requirements on innovation research and development.

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