Focus on water soluble film application 

Water soluble bag pollution-free soluble in water, first made in China!

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03

new outbreak has been effectively curbed, but many residents in the community during the isolation, get into the habit of no matter what things are packed out behind, are hidden another layer of concerns - — In addition to buy vegetables to use plastic bags, original want to eat the food in the restaurant, now has a direct pack out, along with the rapid increase of plastic garbage.

data show that by 2019, our country the use of more than 4 million tons of plastic bags. Plastic bags are everywhere, it is not easy to be degraded, and harmful ingredients, has serious pollution of our living environment.

'medical tests prove that the solution does not have any effect to the human body. 'Tate said, using the new material production is similar to the appearance and the traditional plastic bags, plastic bags and function is exactly the same. 'Don't have to worry about rain, plastic bags could be set by manufacturers of dissolved when in contact with water temperature. '

he said:' ordinary degradation plastic bags need at least a few hundred years, the new plastic bag for a few minutes, and people can be used according to demand for many times, such as broken bags after dissolved it anytime and anywhere. '< br / > < br / > the company research and development staff, said after improving, the cost of the new material has been at a much lower than the early stage of development, suitable for mass production and the market. < br / > at present, Chile Solubag company has plans to produce the water-soluble plastic bags in China. The company also said, they now have the ability to anywhere in the world production of this new material in a plastic bag. In addition, the invention has won the 'SingularityU Chile summit 2018' award. < br / >

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