Focus on water soluble film application 

Water soluble film classification according to the purpose

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03

water soluble film according to the purpose can be divided into three types: fast dissolving type membrane, dissolved in the membrane, the undissolved membrane.

1, fast dissolving type membrane can be used for embroidery substrate, agricultural ZhongZiDai, herbicides, packaging bags, cleaning supplies, packaging, chemical packaging; Water (coated, hospitals, washing bags and so on the disposable packing bag.

2, dissolved in the membrane can be used for the wig, food, cosmetics packaging.

3, type of refractory membrane can be used for advanced textile, plastic loaded outside bags, air-cushion buffering, books/paper protective film.

because of the water soluble film products with water soluble speed can be design choices, non-toxic pollution-free; The tensile strength, tension is equal to or better than the traditional plastic film; High transparency, good gloss; High flexibility and good touch; Good oil resistance, solvent resistance, heat sealing, printing; Low permeability coefficient and resistance capability is good; Excellent antistatic property, no dust collection features, such as application of product quality and grade of the products greatly improved.

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