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Water Soluble Packaging Turnkey Solution


The water soluble packaging turnkey solution is a PVA water soluble film application services that Foshan Polyva  Materials Co., Ltd. provides. We tailor the unit-dose capsules for customer from R&D till manufacturing on  production line. This solution will greatly save time and money for customer on the water soluble capsules project.


1.Compatibility test  2.Film customize  3.Pods shape customize  4.Packaging machine customize 5.Technical training


1.High cost performance, short machine lead time. Film can be fast delivered in small lot.

2.Stable production performance, high matching between packaging machine and film.

3.Good product performance, excellent matching between film and liquid detergents.

4.Perfect after-sales service, oneto-one packaging process & technical training.

Polyva is committed to promoting the application of green eco-friendly materials, working on upgrade, innovation and replacement of 

traditional packaging materials. In the next 5 years, we aim at growing as a navigation enterprise, standard maker, application filed pioneer. 

We will strive to reach international advanced level and run ahead of some counterparts within 10 years. 

Polyva always persist “CONTRIBUTE TO CLIENTS” as basic principle. Supported by PVA film R&D Center and Automation R&D Center, we 

provide water soluble packaging total solution with one-stop technical service and backup by means of assisting customer on new 

product development, supplying packaging machine, packaging film, and carrying out OEM service.

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