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Water transfer printing can be applied to a tattoo


the lead in the American TV series 'prison break', Michael's a cool tattoos let a person envy, but the high cost of physical, time is very long, but also bear the pain of the body, and can only take surgery to remove it. If you don't have so much trouble, a lot of people are willing to try a tattoo, and water transfer printing technology provides the opportunity for them, just through a dedicated inkjet tattoo sticker, then we can be the figure that oneself like, like print out and transfer to the skin, and image can keep 3 ~ 7 days, after then you won't leave a mark. This tattoo is special printing film using harmless to the human body nano materials, waterproof breathable, will not cause skin uncomfortable feeling, can let a person to enjoy the fun of tattoo, market prospect is very good.

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