Focus on water soluble film application 

Water transfer printing membrane application in wood

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03
Water transfer printing film will all kinds of artistic texture using thermal transfer outside the way adhere to the substrate surface, the adhesion fastness, resistance to ultraviolet radiation, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance performance is greatly increased, such as to fill the vacancy for the purpose of outdoor landscape materials. < br / > < br / > technological innovation, technological innovation point 1: provide a kind of water-soluble membrane dissolved, fundamentally solves the coating for metals at home and abroad as well as engineering plastics profile surface or a photocopy of a series of problems of raw material and method. At present, the coating of the metal, engineering plastic materials such as surface or a photocopy of the raw materials and methods mainly include: paint spraying, photocopying photocopying, negative copy, copy of hot film copy and printing press, etc. Produced by the method of using the above raw materials and various materials, there are some limitations, such as: weather resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, pencil hardness is not up to standard, such as impact on personnel health, natural environment, the applicable scope is limited, can not achieve ideal effect, limiting the industrialization process. Water used in this project not only transfer printing film base film is a kind of water-soluble film, it can be dissolved by water, the dissolution rate of basal membrane directly related to the quality of water transfer printing. < br / > technology innovation point 2: because this project is the first in the industry of using water transfer printing technology, temperature control accuracy is high, without air, all kinds of parameters is easy to control, product quality is stable. < br / > < br / > application innovation application innovation point one: fluorocarbon lacquer was applied in building external wall, curtain wall decoration, with good weatherability, this project adopts the high quality painting as a primer, the traditional paint, antirust paint and other weather resistance ability is greatly increased. < br / > the application innovation point 2: a layer of UV coating on the surface, which can effectively prevent water infiltration, to prevent contact with air, with similar rain falls on the lotus leaves and the effect of formation water automatic landing, it is difficult to stay on the surface water and other substances, and avoid contact with air, easy to clean and to avoid oxidation. And UV layer is very thin, it is difficult to peel thin, high hardness. Not easy to be scratched due to oxidation. < br / > structure innovation point: water transfer printing film from inside to outside have a metal layer, coating, fluorocarbon layer, watermarks, cover agent layer, UV light, easy and anticorrosive coating and fluorocarbon metal layer was tightly bound, and fluorine carbon layer is easy to combine with watermark, hood light agent layer closely this structure for the entire product surface coating adhesion to substrate has greatly enhanced, the heat bilges cold shrink or external shocks, the surface coating cracking not peeling. < br / > structure innovation point 2: water transfer printing membrane internal space is filled with foam padding, so cut off from water or moisture to enter, improve the internal corrosion of antioxidant effect, so as to prolong the service life. Water transfer printing membrane surface coating technology innovation are according to the physical or chemical properties of different materials, adopted different spraying methods, such as fluorocarbon layer adopts the method of three spray roasting, transfer layer using underwater cold transfer printing, etc. , both retain the advantages of various materials and does not destroy the structure composition, no clearance between the coating and reasonable internal stress. The weather which make our products with other products don't have.
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