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What are the Benefits of Biodegradable Water-Soluble Film?


Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) is one of the few types of biodegradable synthetic resin created from petroleum that will be useful in reducing environmental pollution because it breaks down quickly.

The materials in PVA water soluble film also make them a superior choice for manufacturing because of their remarkable properties. PVA can be used because of its transparency, strength, biocompatibility, adjustable water solubility, and several other factors contributing to its versatility.


However, to make PVA more useful, POLYVA — one of the world's foremost water soluble film manufacturers — modifies this polyvinyl alcohol to improve its water solubility without reducing its other properties. This modification can also add new functionalities and widen the range of its applications.

What is PVA Water Soluble Film?

Bacteria can use Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) as a carbon and an energy source. This unique vinyl polymer can be easily degraded by bacteria and enzymes, resulting in an over 75 percent breakdown within just 46 days. PVA is an eco-friendly and biodegradable polymer material with a carbon chain as the main structure and numerous hydroxyl groups in secondary chains. It is also cost-effective and can be produced on a non-petroleum basis.

PVA water soluble film is an excellent alternative to non-degradable polyethylene and polypropylene materials. It is transparent, flexible, non-toxic, and biocompatible with great mechanical properties, chemical resistance, and gas barrier.

Moreover, it fully complies with green environmental protection standards.

Essentially, PVA water soluble film is a material that will lead the way to a more sustainable future.

Four of the Best Benefits of PVA Water Soluble Film

While there are dozens of benefits both for companies and consumers, these three benefits for PVA water soluble film summarize some of the reasons why, as one of the preferred PVA water soluble film manufacturers, we've chosen to produce PVA water-soluble film.

PVA Water-Soluble Film is Capable of Preserving Natural Resources

Today most household products are packed using polyethylene (PE) plastic packaging that takes anywhere between 100 to 1000 years to decompose, according to rigorous studies conducted on this material.

Throwing that waste away is not without consequences; typical single-use plastics or packaging materials have been identified as the cause of polluted natural resources, including a limited water supply.

This is not the case with water-soluble PVA film, which dissolves when emersed in water and decomposes into natural substances in the presence of microorganisms in less than three months. This is why choosing the PVA water-soluble film is the key to unlocking a demographic of environmentally-conscious consumers.

Water-soluble PVA Film is Economical and Ecological.

Irrespective of the use case for water-soluble PVA, as one of the leading water soluble film manufacturers, POLYVA knows PVA water-soluble film reduces production costs because it is an economical alternative to non-ecological choices.

Laundry and dish detergent are some of the most popular uses for this tech.

This is the case for laundry cleaning products, where the PVA water-soluble unit dose allows you to combine your detergent, softener, and perfume in a single ready-to-use dose.

The PVA serves as the casing for this practical and ingenious solution that offers pre-measured products in small capsules, significantly reducing the overall cost of packaging, storage, and transport costs. The water-soluble pre-portioned laundry Capsules made of polyvinyl alcohol will therefore allow your business to improve its margins by reducing overheads.

Water-Soluble PVA Film is a Protective and Safe Packaging

With the use of additives in the manufacturing of water-soluble PVA film, we're able to improve the safety of this product. In fact, not only is our PVA film developed to withstand being punctured, only activated when immersed in water, and not being triggered by saliva, the products encased in this water-soluble film won't pose much risk to users.

To shield users from the harsh chemicals in tablets, we have wrapped our capsules in our patented water-soluble PVA film. Our PVA film also acts as a barrier to protect dishwasher fresheners, preserving the scent during storage and activating the diffusion process after the first wash. Selecting our water-soluble packaging crafted from polyvinyl alcohol means choosing the numerous benefits.

Reach More Consumers

Given that more consumers are considering how their purchasing choices affect the planet, companies wanting to engage these consumers will need to consider the materials used in their products.

Given that PVA water-soluble film is one of the only readily available entirely biodegradable flexible resins on the market, it's the easiest and cheapest way to incorporate green branding into your products and begin to appeal to this group that will define this new age of consumer spending.

POLYVA: One of the World's Leading Water-Soluble Film Manufacturers

The purpose of POLYVA's growing inventory of PVA water-soluble film is to help your company find a green alternative for most of your production needs. These are safe, superior quality, and customizable PVA films that will allow you to introduce this green technology without compromising on function, quality, or result.


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