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What are the characteristics of a single-layer PET protective film?-film supplier

by:POLYVA     2021-11-04
The following is an introduction to the characteristics of the single-layer pet protective film? The single-layer pet protective film is made of polyester film (PET) and made of polyethylene terephthalate by extrusion. Thick film, and then biaxially stretched film material; single-sided coated with silica gel water to form a single-layer pet protective film. The characteristics of the single-layer pet protective film: 1. There are many kinds of viscosity and thickness, and the surface of the protective film is smooth and flat; 2. The punching mat material and waste discharge suitable for round knife die cutting and flat knife die cutting; 3. Surface resistance 107-109Ωcm , Environmentally friendly, non-toxic and odorless; 4. Low viscosity, little change in adhesion with time after attachment; 5. Excellent anti-static effect, long-lasting and stable performance; 6. The product has single-sided anti-static and double-sided anti-static peeling voltage; 7. Excellent transparency, can be used to inspect the appearance of the optical film in the state of laminating protective materials; 8. No electrostatic material migration phenomenon on the product surface; 9. It can also be used as an auxiliary die-cutting of high-clean optical materials; 10. Heat resistance , Weather resistance, good acid resistance; 11. This product has good adhesive strength and good retention for metal, plastic, glass and other substrates.
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