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What are the main factors affecting the quality of PET protective film?-film supplier

by:POLYVA     2021-10-31
PET protective film is used a lot. PET protective film is a kind of release material commonly used in adhesives, electronics, die cutting, printing and other industries. What are the factors that affect PET protective film? do you understand? The Chinese market has huge demand, but due to the backward technology of substrate and silicon coating, domestic PET high-end products still rely on imports. The main factors affecting the quality of PET are as follows: 1. Substrate: PET is coated with silicone release agent on the PET layer, and the quality of the substrate directly affects its performance. Domestic pet thickness control and heat shrinkage lag behind foreign countries. 2. Residual adhesion: Residual adhesion refers to the adhesion of the release paper during the second peeling after the first peeling. The calculated data mainly reflects the curing effect of silicone oil. 3. Peeling force: The size of the peeling force directly affects the performance of the pet. The tolerance range of the general industry standard peeling force is 15%. 4. Environment: With the continuous progress of various products and the improvement of quality technology, the cleanliness requirements of PET are becoming more and more stringent, especially in the electronic film cutting industry.
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