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What are the reasons for choosing water-soluble film PVA?


What are the reasons for choosing water-soluble film PVA?


The growing demand for biodegradable raw materials in the packaging sector is being driven by a rise in the difficulties associated with waste disposal, as well as by the strict rules governing the environment. In this context, water-soluble PVA film emerges as an excellent packaging choice for those who are looking for a safe and eco-friendly material option.


Willing to innovate the PVA film industry, Polyva emerges as one of the most outstanding water-soluble film manufacturers. To deliver the best products that exceed the offerings of other PVA film manufacturers, the founding team of Polyva has investigated the development and market knowledge of PVA water-soluble packaging film since 2005, both domestically and internationally. In the meantime, they conducted an in-depth study on laboratory formulas and the process of film formation. Afterwards, in 2014 Polyva’s experts commenced their efforts to promote the film in the several industrial sectors pertinent to its success.


Safety as a Priority


In all instances, the user's safety is of the utmost importance while dealing with potentially hazardous items. Certain goods may be dangerous to one's health whether they are breathed in, consumed, or even touched by the user. PVA water-soluble film is an answer to this safety issue since it safeguards individuals both while handling the product and while using it.


Having successfully explored a sophisticated technique that exceeds the results of other PVA film manufacturers, their dissolvable laundry bags are guaranteed to function properly. For instance, Polyva’s water-soluble PVA film for laundry detergent solutions has achieved a globally exemplary performance.


Eco-Friendly Option


Today, more than ever, solutions are being developed to minimise pollution caused by plastics. The biodegradable, water-soluble film provides a favourable alternative reaction and, as a result, a bright future view in the area of packaging. After being dissolved in water, the water-soluble film is a kind of biodegradable plastic, implying that it does not leave any poisonous residue in the natural environment. It just takes a few minutes for the film to dissolve, and it takes less than three months for the components of the film to biodegrade and turn into natural chemicals.


Hence, the water-soluble film would be a good choice of material when addressing the challenges posed by waste from single-use plastics. Because natural processes can break down the water-soluble film, it will not be there for very long before it starts to cause environmental problems. Therefore, it will not interfere with the natural world and safeguard it, including the lives of many creatures.


Excellent Water Solubility


Another significant benefit of PVC film is its excellent water solubility at water temperatures and at different solving pace. Nonetheless, it exhibits a remarkable resilience to external weather conditions, making it particularly useful for usage in countries with high relative humidity.


Up to this point, Polyva has developed 6 different formula systems for PVA film and over 20 other models of PVA film. These models include 15 different water-soluble films that can be used at low temperatures, 2 different water-soluble films that can be used at high temperatures, and 5 different water-soluble films that can be used at medium temperatures. So far, Polyva’s products have earned the ISO9001 certification for quality management system compliance.


Moving forward, customers have confidence in Polyva’s water-soluble film products due to the company’s emphasis on superior quality and expert service. Hence, Polyva’s success in recent years may be attributed to its high-quality goods and rigorous management system.


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