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What is the advantage of laundry condensate beads

by:POLYVA     2021-02-03

laundry condensate beads product advantages: 1, clean power, four times as much clean power, easy rinse 4 times concentrated pure essence, containing multiple efficiency surfactants and enzymes in cold water, can easily remove neckline, cuffs stubborn stains, perspiration, oily be soiled, blood and milk stains, urine, and other stubborn stains; 2, convenient, one done, easy and convenient, save time and save worry save time and save worry. Laundry condensate beads package '' with membrane, meet in the instant, and no residual, health and not dirty hands; 3, lock protective clothing color, fragrance lasting lock color formula and remove taste unique factor, to ensure that white washed clothes more white, more lustrous coat which fragrant lasting nasal secretion. 4, namely under the influence of water soluble, low foam Yi Piao European production technology import, coagulation pearl shell resistance to high temperature and high pressure, and is under the influence of water soluble, no residue, advanced 'low foam concentrated formula'. 5, never add any fluorescent agent harmful chemicals, her family can use baby clothes, adult underwear can be at ease use.

6, stay sweet time is long, good quality laundry condensate beads, 8 hours after washing the clothes can leave around

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