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Where is the high temperature resistant PET protective film mainly used-film supplier

by:POLYVA     2022-01-25
Five applications of high temperature resistant PET protective film. 1. Suitable for metal surface treatment such as computer cases, cabinets, etc., for high-temperature powder spraying and baking varnish shielding protection. 2. PETt high temperature adhesive is also suitable for shielding protection and insulation during high temperature spraying of electronic products, automobile industry, coating and other products. 3. Printed circuit boards, electronic parts, resistors and capacitors are fixed at the time of production, and during the process of PCB impregnation, the gold finger department is shielded and the electroplating solution is prevented from being immersed and polluted. The printed circuit board is gold-plated for shielding protection. Milky white release film price 4. Household appliances, machinery, electronics and other industries require high-temperature coating and spray paint protection, and PET high-temperature tape plays a role in high-temperature binding and fixing. 5. PET high temperature tape can also be used in release paper joints.
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