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Why Cold Water Soluble PVA Film is a Game Changer in Computer Embroidery


Finding the right stabilizer or backing for emroidery projects has been an issue for the average embroider for decades, especially Embroidery delicates or fabric blends. While these at-home aficionados can troubleshoot by picking off sticky residue by hand or scrapping a project if issues arise, larger-scale manufacturers aren't privy to these rudimentary problem-solving techniques.


In fact, the inability to embroider any fabric or guarantee a quality result from garment to garment is one reason manufacturers avoid computer embroidery.


But cold water soluble PVA film for Computer Embroidery changes that.

This cold water soluble PVA film is developed particularly for computer embroidery in the manufacturing process. The benefits are tremendous and allow manufacturers to create a competitive product.

Why Should Manufacturers Use Water Soluble PVA Film?

Screen printing has taken a backseat to embroidery. Consumers are searching for designs that will last — regardless of whether they're shopping high-end, high street, or fast fashion brands. As a result, embroidery has experienced a resurgence.


Whether it's the brand name embroidered on a simple cotton polo shirt or a more intricate design on a pair of jeans or jacket, consumers love embroidery.

Manufacturers know consumers are the driving force behind the market's trends. Therefore, to remain competitive, they need to create gorgeous, pliable, and lasting embroidery on a large scale — something embroidery water soluble film allows manufacturers to achieve.

How Does Cold Water Water Soluble PVA Film For Computer Embroidery Work?

Not all cold water soluble PVA film is created the same. The manufacturer will dictate the density and properties of their water soluble film. POLYVA has developed a cold water soluble PVA film for computer embroidery that's the ideal density for use on any fabric with the same result — a soft embroidered feeling that holds the design well.


The PVA film can achieve this look and feel either by being a backing in your computer-embroidered designs or being a stabilizer.

In both instances, the PVA film is placed before the embroidery begins. However, in the latter, it's used to provide support for the embroidery that allows it to hold up in the wash. In the former, it gives the design a clean and crisp look.


However, unlike other stabilizers, water soluble PVA film dissolves.

POLYVA's cold water soluble PVA film for computer embroidery dissolves in under 10 seconds which allows it to be seamlessly incorporated into a Manufacturing process without the need for an additional wash or rinse cycle to get rid of the film or residue. Instead, even a spray and wipe away technique should work in removing the film and revealing a soft and defined embroider.

The Benefits of Using Embroidery Water Soluble Film

Embroidery water soluble film has been specifically designed to stabilize computer embroidered pieces. Unlike other PVA, this polyvinyl is soft and not very dense. In most instances, it will be thinner than paper and other fabrics, with its ability to dissolve evenly in cold water the most beneficial in creating a high-end, handmade feel that consumers are pursuing.

Leaves No Residue

One reason the use of PVA hasn't been widespread in the clothing and textile industry is that it's typically associated with being challenging to remove. In the past, and still in the case with some inferior brands, the Polyvinyl will leave behind a cast or sticky residue even if fabric is rinsed in hot water.

This can occur for any number of reasons, from manufacturers adding substances to make the PVA better adhere to the garment to an inferior formula.

However, POLYVA has developed a cold water soluble PVA film specifically for use in computer embroidering. This means that regardless of whether you rinse your fabrics in cold or warm water, the film will dissipate in under 10 seconds to reveal an unaltered feel to the fabric.

Stabilizes Effectively on All Fabrics

Whether it's silk, wool, or denim, POLYVA's computer embroidery film is designed to offer the same benefits regardless of the textile.

The PVA film is lightweight enough to work on silks and blends as it is durable enough to hold its shape and stabilize thicker and denser fabrics.

Doesn't Alter the Look and Feel of Fabrics

Embroidery can be associated with a stiff feel that is unpleasant on the skin. Thankfully, POLYVA's proprietary formula doesn't create that feel. Once the PVA film has been dissolved, it feels as though there was nothinh there and as though the embroidery was hand sewn.

Can Be Added to an Existing Manufacturing Process without Additional Equipment Needs

Given how thin and lightweight embroidery water soluble film is, it won't add depth to your fabrics that will require you to make any changes to how your machines operate or the depth at which they embroider.


Tap into the market for embroidered garments by adding cold water soluble PVA film for computer embroidery to your production line. The results will be the best you've ever seen — especially if you've selected POLYVA's proprietary cold water soluble PVA for your projects.


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